Friday, October 02, 2009

Hard to believe she is really only 7!!

~ My Beautiful Jaden ~
Just popping in to post a few new pictures ... Jaden has school pictures today so she asked me to crimp her hair - remember doing that ladies? Well I spent about 15 minutes on her hair because she has so damn much of it but in the end it turned out AWESOME! I can't believe she is really only 7 years old and I can not believe how blonde her hair is - it is crazy! In other Jaden news - tonight is her last South Metro Storm Swim Class - after the class we will talk with the coach and hear what he thinks we should do next. Jason and I are excited to hear what his opinion is ... tomorrow she has her regular Foss Swim School Class and she is looking forward to the 1/2 hour class vs. the hour class - she is pretty tired but she has progressed so much in just 2 weeks ... speaking of two weeks - my family arrive in two weeks for Charlotte's Baptism - We are all super excited to have then here!
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ~ Charlotte working on her crawling skills ~
Charlotte is inching closer and closer to crawling ... she has mastered the position and can even get up to a sitting position from a tummy position but her hands and knees are not coordinated just yet but she's so proud when she is on her hands and knees ... can't believe she is 9 months old already! Where does the time go? She heads to the Pediatrician today for her regular shots plus a flu shot and the ever important ear check - here is hoping they are fluid free - if they are we think she can start her own swimming lessons this winter ... she LOVES the water so it would be a blast to have her in swim class as well. We will see ...
Hope you are all staying warm - it is rainy - gloomy and cold here ... in fact so rainy our roof was leaking like a faucet last night - thanks to my ever so handy husband we think he sealed the roof vent where all the water was pouring in ... he is such a great guy - I found a good one on the internet 12 years ago ....
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason , Jaden and Baby Charlotte


Leslie said...

7 going on 15 omg they are grow big soooo fast and earlier too!!!!!!!

Baby girl is getting bigger too and pretty as well..does your hubby own a BIG gun...ohhh keep those nasty boys out!

Terri said...

I love Jadens hair! She is so beautiful!!!

Hannah said...

Jaden looks so much older than 7 in that picture! I used to crimp my hair a LONG time ago :)

Anonymous said...

It has been awhile since I visited the page (so sorry), I love Jaden's hair, Charlotte's smile, and the video of the baloon is great. In just 8 more days we will be there to love and hug all our girls. Can't wait. Love ya

Becca said...

LOVE the crimp! Shame, shame on you for still having a crimping iron! Your girls are beautiful!

Peace and Hugs,