Saturday, October 24, 2009

OMG - I pretty much SUCK!

~ My mom and Dad with The Clark Family of Four and Jason's Mom and Herb ~
~ Jaden with her Arial Face Painting from Aunt Niki at the Mall of America ~
~ Jaden holding up her sign at the airport waiting for Nanny and Poppy to come ~
~ Charlotte and her 1st set of piggy tails ~
~ Charlotte and her big grin at the Corn Maze ~
Well it is officially the longest stretch of Non-Blogging I have done since becoming a regular blogger and really there truly is no reason for it - we haven't been overly busy, I haven't gone back to school so I am not swamped with studying, I have not gone back to work so I am not swamped with orientations and the like ... I pretty much just SUCK! I apologize if there are still people checking in on us and I also apologize for not checking in on anybody else ... I have just taken a hiatus from blogging and the computer all together! Here's hoping now that it is OH SO BEAUTIFUL here (not really) I will start back on my regular blogging schedule!
So if anyone is out there I guess I will let you all know that things here are fine! Jaden is enjoying school and is loving being on the Mn Storm Swim Team ... she is now swimming 3.5 hours a week and seems to be having a good time doing so! She is also doing great in school - we had her 2nd grade conference 2 weeks ago and she is right on track with reading and math! Jason and I are very proud of how far she's come in her reading - she truly pushes herself and logs each and every book she reads! Other than that she is looking forward to our Halloween Party next saturday where she will present herself as a gothic vampire ... should be interesting! We spent today shopping for clearance Halloween decor and getting our menu ready for Saturday ... so far we are having Dead Man Walking Tacos - Chill You To The Bone Chili - Weiner Worms - Mummy Dogs - Witches Brew - Guacamole Spider Web Dip - MN Wild Rice Pumpkine Hotdish and of course Pumpkin Bars - Jason and I are still without costumes but Jaden has hers and Miss Charlotte is going to be a little yellow duck!!! I am sure we will have plenty of pictures to share ...
Speaking of Charlotte, last Sunday was her Baptism and it was wonderful. We had 8 of my NY relatives either fly or drive here for it and after you counted MN family and friends we had 35 people there to celebrate this special occassion! She of course did beautifully even though she just came down with her 1st fall/winter cold - which she so generously shared with Jaden and I! She also has mastered the full hands and knees crawling and decided pulling up on things is fun too ... it is hard to believe that she will be 10 months old next week - 2 months from 1 year! UGH! Time goes by too fast! She is as cute as ever and I am loving my time with her at home - though I am sure she is BORED of me by now! She has a new found love - Jaden's Toy Kitchen - she spends hours tearing that thing apart and playing (I mean chewing) on all the pretend foods ... it is fun to watch her enjoy something that Jaden spent hours playing with as a little one!
I will be back tomorrow or Monday to post pictures of my family' visit from NY - We all loved every second they were here and as always it sucks that they are gone already! Once again - time goes by way too fast ... but for now here are a few pictures of Jaden and Charlotte!
Hope you are all healthy and well!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Miss Charlotte


Terri said...

We've missed you! Your menu sounds yummy!!! To cool!!!!

Leslie said...

yeah what is up i missed your babies sweet faces!!!!!! Love that you are busy and everyone well!


Hannah said...

Totally missed seeing those sweet faces. It's ok if you suck now and then :)

Love the first piggy tails!!

Kelly said...

Welcome back! Cute pictures! Glad you have been enjoying your time at home with the girls and good to hear that Charlotte's Baptism was so great!

Rhonda said...

Ahhh, you could never suck, you are tooooo awesome! Love the pictures and those little piggy tails are soooooo cute! Time does go by fast for sure! Welcome back, missed you.
Hugs, Rhonda

Lund7 said...

Glad to see you back on your blog! I know how it goes with time getting away from you...I have been bad about blogging lately as is just so busy and time keeps flying by.

Great baptism picture. Glad to hear Jaden is doing well in school. We just had Ricky and Greta's 2nd grade conference last night. They are growing up too fast!