Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go Vikings ...

~ Charlotte is ready for kickoff ~
~ Me and My Girls ~
~ Alanna and Jaden eating their sandwiches and watching the game ~
~ This WILL be my tattoo of Charlotte once I am ready to get it - I LOVE THIS PICTURE ~
~ Charlotte giving Harley Dog some lovin ~
~ My 3 Vikings Fans ~
~ Jaden decorating her Vikings Cupcakes ~
~ Charlotte says "SKOL Vikings!" ~
~ LOOK who that is - the voice of NeiHi KoiLan - or however you spell and say it! ~
~ Charlotte just waking up as we got to the Annual Target Book Fair ~
Happy Thursday Everyone ... I tell you - being (without a job) I find that I have no idea what the heck day it is ... they all flow in to one GIANT weekend - kind of nice actually! But today is Thursday so I figured I would pop on to blogger and post some photos and of course blab about our week. So if you are REALLY REALLY bored kick off your shoes and stay a bit ...
Let's see - Jaden has enjoyed being back at school and is pretty excited to be a 2nd grader. This year all the students had to get a planner to keep their homework assignments in. Well as soon as Jaden gets home she opens her planner and starts her homework. So far she has had to get in the habit of reading every night for at least 15 minutes and to tell us what her goals for the year are. She wants to be more organized in art, learn more math and be at school every day this year. We will see how she does but I think those are excellent goals. She also started back at swim school. She is happy to be back and enjoys learning the techniques of swimming. We also signed her up for an 8 session clinic with the MN Storm Swim and Dive Teams. She starts that Monday and it is 4 days a week/an hour a day/for two weeks. If she likes it we will sign her up for that team once the Fall Session at Foss Swim School ends. The only difference between the 2 are that the MN Storm offers her a chance to grow through the program even after she's 18 plus it is a competitive swim team environment so hopefully she enjoys it. Other than that it has been pretty quiet around here - which is nice for a change!
Miss Charlotte is getting closer and closer to crawling - she tries SO hard to get there but falls on her belly which then gets her pretty mad! Her and I are working on the hand/knee coordination but really - what the heck do I know - hopefully we will get there soon - or not so soon since I have NO baby proofing done!!! Uh-Oh! Other than that she has discovered a new sound - it is a WHINE! Oh my goodness I am hoping she finds another sound soon because this new one is a bit annoying - especially after about 3 hours of it ... she is as happy and as cute as ever though and I am enjoying all the time I am getting with her! Yesterday we surprised Jason at work and went to lunch - he was happy and proud to show herto his coworkers - they haven't seen her since she was about 2 weeks old - that was a LONG time ago!
We haven't been too busy around here - I have cleaned out all the clothes closets in the house to get them ready for fall clothes and I moved all Jaden's toys to the spare room because her closet was getting filled with junk and her clothes no longer fit in it. Charlotte's closet has some fall clothes in it thanks to Jolene but I am pretty sure we'll be heading out shortly to get some more - PLUS Halloween Costume shopping ... I can't wait to reveal their costumes this year!
My parents, brother, sister in law, nieces, nephew and sister all arrive in 4 weeks for Charlotte's Baptism - I am excited to have them here to celebrate PLUS my niece Hannah and nephew Matthew have never been here so it will be a wonderful family visit. I am thinking we will hit the MOA and the Apple Orchard ... it will be so much fun - Jaden is counting down the days too!!
This past weekend was the NFL Season Opener so we (kind of) all donned our Vikings gear and had a few friends over to watch the game - TheVikings won and I am happy to say I got some AWESOME photos of my girls ... I hope the winning continues for Jason's sake ... he is NOT a Brett Favre fan but wants to be ....
Have a wonderful rest of the week - Charlotte and I are heading to Godfather's Pizza to have lunch with Jolene ... until next time ...
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte


Kami said...

I love the pictures of you and your Vikings fans :) We love watching the games, too!

Those are awesome goals that Jaden set! Here's hoping that she keeps on with it!

Great update :)

Hannah said...

Love the pictures :) I bet Jason loves your purple matches the team jersey!!

Have a great weekend!