Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Mn Storm Swim Team

~ Jaden diving in to the pool ~
~ Jaden listening to the coach tell the class how to "Squeeze their brains with their elbows!" ~
~ Getting ready to do some diving ~
~ Charlotte watching her sister swim (see her bug bite?) ~
~ Jaden taking the lead ~
~ Jaden coming up from behind ~
~ Jaden doing some swimming ~
~ Ready - Get Set - GO! ~
Happy Tuesday Everyone! Well it has finally gotten in to seasonable temperatures here in MN - today is 70 an rainy - after 2 weeks in the 80's with sun and more sun ... Jaden was excited to be able to wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt ... if only she realized what temps were right around the bend she might savor some more days of shorts and tank tops ... *sigh* ... At least she will be able to swim all winter long between Foss Swim School and her MN Storm Swim Team Clinic she started last night. She enjoyed her time last night but did say she was pretty tired - she should be though - the pool length is longer than Foss' and she had to swim the entire length, non-stop back and forth for about 45 minutes straight. I would never have made it past 5 minutes that is for sure!!! After swimming for 45 minutes they started to learn the techniques of diving. This ws funny - let's just say there were a 'few' belly flops going on ... Jaden included ... but once again, who am I kidding, I would never but a bathing suit on in public anyhow let alone dive!! Yeah right!
Jason and I were very proud of her after her first class ... she swam and listened to the coaches' directions and she stuck with it even though she was pretty pooped. She was excited to get a MN Storm swim cap to wear - made her feel 'Cool' she said. Jason and I thought it made her look grown up already! She has 3 more hour long classes this week and 4 hour long classes next week and then we will let her decide if she thinks she is ready for a competitive team activity. Also we will make sure the coaches' feel she is ready too ... we would hate to get her discouraged and then decide to not do any swimming at all!! So we will see ...
As for Charlotte ... she was PERFECT last night while we watched Jaden swim. She played with some toys, ate some cereal puffs and just watched for the entire hour - I was thankful her MONSTER SCREAM remained inside until we got outside ... oh and speaking of Monster - Charlotte will be turning in to Baby Franestein for Halloween ... she may look so sweet and cute but there is a Little Monster hiding in there and she comes out often! She also managed to get bit of stung by some sort of bug right between her eyes Friday while we were on our walk ... by Saturday night it was swollen and puffed out so much that her eyes were all red underneath ... Jason said she looked like a Baby Klingon ... I was so sad for her ... I decided I would wai until Monday to see how it looked and thankfully it has gone down a lot ... she does have a dot in the center where she was bit (by what I have no idea) ... I am hoping that's the last of the Charlotte Buffet!
Hope everyone is well and enjoying the First Day of Fall!!!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!!


Kelly said...

How nice to have indoor swim facilities! We don't have much of that here in California! CUTE pictures! Hope Charlotte's bug bite goes away soon!!

Have a great week!

Leslie said...

goooo Jordan!

Lund7 said...

Way to go Jaden! That sounds like an exhausting swim class!! Wish we lived a bit closer and I would sign Greta up to swim with her!

Hannah said...

Way to go Jaden!!