Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday and MORE Great Giveaways!!

(I am THANKFUL for my husband, Jason, for all he has done for me and all he continues to do ~ And without him I would not be a wife or a mom today! Not to mention he's easy on the eyes and he has a GREAT hind end - sorry hon!!!)
(I am THANKFUL for my parents - though they are too far away - they have always been there and are a huge support for me even 1200 miles away and they adore both my girls with all their heart. Not to mention without them I wouldn't be here!)
(I am THANKFUL that I have a great relationship with my Mother In Law and that she adores her grandchildren and is always there when we need her. And of course Jason wouldn't exist without her!)
(I am THANKFUL for my BESTEST friend in the whole world Jolene - who listens to me when I scream, cries when I cry, watched my daughter come in to the world, treats my children like they're her own and would give me the shirt off her back - even if it wouldn't fit!)
(I am THANKFUL - overflowing - for this little gem above ... of course Jaden was my 1st born and the little one who stole my heart the second I knew I was pregnant. She makes me smile every day and it only takes her smile to make my day go from grey to sunshine!)
(I am THANKFUL that I decided having 1 child was ok but having another one would be better - this little blue eyed baby scared me the minute I found out about her and every day since my heart smiles knowing that I was blessed to be her momma ... her ever changing personality makes life fun and her smile at the end of the day puts me at ease!)
Well I am on point and 4 for 4 this week ... YIPPIE! I am sure you are all bored out of your minds reading about our mundane lives ... but here we go ... I thought I would do a Thankful Thursday Post since I have lots to be thankful for ... So what are YOU THANKFUL FOR?
Oh and be sure to stop by these two LOVELY ladies' blogs for some Great Giveaways!
Lynda over at Soxs That Rock and the Godseysix Blog - GOOD LUCK!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Leslie said...

YOu have some great people in your life ! lots to be thankful for!


Kristen said...

You're on a roll this week! Keep it up..I love reading!

Rhonda said...

What fun and what awesome people in your life. Love your pictures of the girls. Happy weekend, hugs, Rhonda