Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Day and Green Beans A NO-GO

(ABOVE: Jaden and Charlotte on Jaden's last day of school!! Oh how I LOVE these two girls!)
(ABOVE: Jaden reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Charlotte - My little reader!!)
(ABOVE: My Little Big Girl in her Booster Seat!!!)
Well I did it (so far) I am now 5/5 on my posts this week! Now I have really nothing much to say to anyone except thanks for stopping by and saying HI! It is Friday already ... phew! I figured I would stray (yet again) from a FFF post and post a picture and a video. This is a photo Jaden (castless) holding her sister on her very last day as a 1st grader (*sniff sniff*). Of course I am so proud of her for all of her accomplishments but most of all I am happy for her. She did what she set out to do ... SHE IS A READER! It was a big struggle for her with tears and lots of moments of self doubt. She hated the thought of reading a book just 6 short months ago and now guess what - She's got herself her very own library card with her very own signature on it. And guess what else, she wants to go to the library tomorrow to pick out 3 chapter books! Jason and I are so proud of her - beyond words! She is a truly wonderful little girl and we are lucky to be her parents! WAY TO GO JADEN! Mommy and Daddy Love You Noddle!
I also figured I would post a picture (or two) of Charlotte as well as this video ... it cracks me up! We tried green beans tonight and as you can see from the video she was LESS than impressed with the taste and alls I could do was laugh (and spoon more in to her open mouth!) Yeah - maybe we'll try again in a day or two but then again - I wouldn't eat them either! Oh and I also thought I'd post the video I took of her adorable laugh ... yup - she loves her sister!

So I hope you all have a GLORIOUS weekend! We finally got our much needed rain and I am happy to say we've got sunny skies and warm temps in store for the weekend. I do believ we are heading to Valley Fair on Saturday for an early Father's Day gift (roller coasters and all) since next Friday is our anniversary (and my much anticipated SURPRISE). Plus Jason's mom is spending the night Friday to watch the girls while we stroll around downtown Minneapolis. Then a craft days spent at the Hobby Store on the 20th ... so this Saturday we will be walking around Valley Fair and riding rides (well not me - I am on stroller duty *phew). So I will hopefully be back Saturday with another post and then I will be 6/6 - are you all SICK of me yet? I kind of am!
Oh and I've said it all week ... stop by these two sites for some awesome giveaways ...
Lynda over at Soxs That Rock and the Godseysix Blog - GOOD LUCK!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby 'NO GREEN BEANS' Charlotte!


Kelly said...

THe pictures and videos are ADORABLE! Love Charlotte's face when she ate the green beans. Ryan makes that face with everything he tastes right now. LOL.

Have a great weekend!


Terri said...

Yucky green beans!!! I'm right there with ya Charlotte!
That giggle makes me giggle! So darn cute!!!!

Lund7 said...

Have a great time at Valley Fair! My 2 older girls were there all day yesterday for the last day of school field trip!

Jo and Hannah said...

The green bean video was very funny! Her face cracked us up! And we giggled at the giggle too!

Jo said...

Adorable. That's all I have to say about that.

Breanna said...

that is too cute of her reading to charlotte :)

reagan didnt like green beans either ;)

Becca said...

Those are the sweetest pics and videos! And I know how proud you are of your litte reader - as a former 1st grade teacher I know what a big deal that is!

peace and hugs,

Kristen said...

The videos are just too cute! Grace is the same way with peas.

I can't believe Jaden is reading. Way to go Jaden!

Also I got the storage system at Target as well as the canvas bins. I love it. We have a white one in Grace's room as well.

nora said...

Good for Jaden - wow! Super glad she is a reader and loving it - should be a fun summer with 2!

Enjoy our sunshine this weekend!

Rhonda said...

BIG congrats to Jaden. What a wonderful reader and an awesome big sister. Love the "green bean" thing! Yup, got that going on here too!!! LO Enjoy Valley Fair, I SOOOOO miss MN :-( Happy weekend.

Megan said...

LOL... Ok Charlotte had a look like 'why are you doing this to me!' LOL I love the new pics and videos! COngrats to Miss Jaden!!

Amanda said...

I LOVE it when babies belly laugh... its the best sound in the world!!

God bless-