Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Way Back Whens-Day ...

(ABOVE: Me and Harry ~ Way Back Whens-Day!)

(ABOVE: The Thompson Siblings ~ left-right ~ Jennifer, Rebekah, Harry and Nicole)
Well I am 'officially' 3 for 3 on posts this week! Maybe I will post everyday ... or maybe I just jinxed myself and you won't hear from me again until winter ... Ha - slim chance on that one! I thought I would do a Way Back Whens-Day Post today ... this is a picture of me WAY WAY BACK! I think I am 2 years old in this picture (right mom?) and my little brother Harry is a little baby still. So that would make this poicture about 30 years old - that is WAY BACK! Wow how different we look now ... I think Harry had more hair Way Back than he does now (sorry Harry!) But seriously - my brother and I are only 19 month apart (give or take) and we spent a lot of time with each other growing up. Lots of play time, lots of jail break and tag in the alley, lots of tv watching (A-Team, GI Joe and Knight Rider), bike riding and lots of trouble making I am sure. He is a great little brother who is not so little anymore. He has grown up and is a husband and a father now ... there goes that stinkin' time thing again ... getting away from us all! Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Jaden has 1 1/2 days left as a 1st grader and then summer starts Friday! She is going fishing at school tomorrow and then she gets out at noon! She is so excited to be able to spend the entire day with her sister at Dani's House - I am sure if Charlotte knew she would be equally excited!! She ADORES Jaden! And for a little more Way Back (but not nearly as far) here is a picture of Jaden as a baby ... and Miss Charlotte - not so long ago!
(ABOVE: Way Back Whens-Day ~ Jaden about 2 weeks old)
(ABOVE: Way Back Whens-Day ~ Baby Charlotte ~ 2 days old!)
See you tomorrow! And don't forget to stop by this AWESOME blog and sign up for her super AWESOME giveaways ... GODSEYSIX
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Jo said...

You are the second Minnesota Mom I've seen do a WBW so I had to join in the fun. Feel free to stop by! :D

Leslie said...

awwwww you and your bro as tots is sooo cute!!!! great pics!

Kristen said...

Yay! Great pictures!

Pineapple Princess said...

You were such an adorable little girl. I can see where your girls get it!

Rhonda said...

How fun and what great pictures. I am so jealous of those with siblings! They are soooo fun to see.