Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MORE Anniversaries ... and A Prayer Request

~ Jenny and Dave - 2008 ~
~ My (older) Siter Jenny (Dave is behind her) - 2008 ~
~ My (little brother) dancing with his wife Amanda - 2008 ~
I guess this is the week of Anniversary Celebrations! I wanted to wish my (older) sister Jennifer and my brother in law Dave a Happy Anniversary! Today they've been married 9 years (*I think). I also wanted to wish my brother Harry and my sister in law Amanda a Happy Anniversary - they were married on June 8, 2002! And of course Jason and I will be married 10 years this coming Friday ... I have only 3 more days to keep my mouth shut (God Help Me) and keep my surprise a surprise ... wish me luck!
I also wanted to come to you and ask you all for some prayers for one of our friends. Corey was in our wedding 10 years ago and has had some family hardships in the last 4 years. His daughter Sophia was born 13 weeks early and she spent a LOT of time in the NICU as you can imagine. Well I am happy to report that Sophia is a normal (albeit tiney) and fiesty 4 years old. Two years ago Corey's wife was pregnant again and carried Aiden full term but at a routine ultrasound Aiden was diagnosed with hydrops and sadly passed away a few hours after birth. He would be turning 2 years old this July. They do also have another baby girl who was born healthy and full term in October 2008. Well as if the heartache of losing a child wasn't enough for one family to endure Corey recently suffered a seizure at work and CAT scane revealed that he has a brain tumor. The type is a Grade 3 Astrocytoma - survival for this type is 3 years without surgery and 5-7 years with surgery. He is looking into surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester where my mother in law is a nurse. I ask for you all to just say a few prayers for Corey, his wife Rachel and daughters Sophia and Ava. Corey is a wonderful friend and is always willing to help anyone out in need ... now he is in need so I will be praying fervently. He does NOT have a blog or a website (just a facebook Notes page) so I will try to keep you updated as I find out things. Thank you everyone!
* and just for some 'fun' click on this link to see a video of Corey doing Karoke (The Safety Dance) at our wedding in 1999 *
Sorry for the down news but I hope you all have wonderful day!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary to everyone! I certainly will be praying for your friend and his family.

Kelly said...

So sorry to hear about your family friend. I'll be praying for them!

Rhonda said...

sending so many hugs and prayers for your friend. Gosh , how awful for them.