Wednesday, June 17, 2009

*WARNING: Lots of Wedding Blabbing Ahead* * Read At Your Own Risk*

~ You May Now Kiss The Bride - Awwww ~
~ The Church ~
~ Just a photo of me with my flowers ~
~ The Bride (aka) ME ~
~ The Bridesmaids (l-r) Adrienne, Alyssa, my sister Jenny, Amanda, Me, my sister Niki, my sister in law Amanda and Sara ~
~ The Groomsmen (l-r) Koz, Corey, my brother Harry, my nephew Zachary, Jason, Trevor, Rick and Rian ~
~ My Mom, Me and my Dad ~
~ Me and My Dad during the Father/Daughter Dance - he was singing to me ~
~ My Grandmother Mary and I ~
~ Jason's Grandparents, Me, Jason, Carol and Adrienne ~
~ Jason with his mom, Carol and his sister, Adrienne ~
~ Jason's Grandparents - Stanley & Beatrice ~
~ Our Wedding Cake - made at the same bakery my mom's wedding cake was made ~
10 Years ago – June 19, 1999, Jason and I were married in a little red brick church in Troy, New York. We flew to into New York a few days beforehand and got ready for the big day. We (meaning I) had planned a wedding with a fairly large wedding party who were also coming from MN so we picked them up in NYC and spent the day sightseeing – it was a wonderful start to the wedding weekend. Our wedding was a small and intimate gathering. The church wasn’t too extravagant and neither was the reception room. Each of us got dressed apart, Jason and the guys at the hotel and me and the girls at my Aunt Sue and Uncle Brian’s house. The limo picked me and the girls up and we headed to the church where Jason and the guys were already inside with the guests. We waited outside for a little while as guests funneled in. That is the point in which I got very nervous and a little nauseous. I didn’t think I would get very nervous but I was wrong. The wedding was about to begin and we started lining up in the church hallway. My brother and nephew Zachary walked my mom down the aisle first. Next were the bridesmaids and groomsmen, followed by my Jr Bride and Jr Groom – Amanda and Zachary. My sister Jenny (Maid of Honor) was the last to go before my dad and I headed down.
The ceremony was wonderful. We both read our vowed without messing up and we lit the unity candle without setting fire to anything. We were also lucky enough to have my niece, who was only 9 at the time, sing at our wedding. She has an amazing voice and to have her be such a special part of my wedding was wonderful. We always were so close and then I up and left NY and with that decision I know I broke Amanda and Zachary’s heart … it was a tough decision but in the long run it was the best one. So to have her sing at my wedding made me the lucky one.
After the ceremony we had pictures done and lots of them. We then hopped in to the limo and drove 2 whole blocks to the reception venue. We then waited outside for al of us to be called in by the DJ. It was a fun time waiting outside and looking forward to relaxing and enjoying friends and family. We had a LOT of family there of course. My family is a pretty large one and Jason’s family is a pretty small one. We had about 125 people in attendance. It was a fun experience to ‘merge’ all of us together. Jason’s mom, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, sister and cousins all flew in to celebrate our wedding day. It was also Jason’s grandfather’s birthday the day after so we celebrated his big day with our big day.
Our wedding was an open bar wedding – with my family it has to be (he he). We also had karaoke at our wedding which I have to say was a fun experience. With the steady flow of alcohol and karaoke we had plenty of laughs. We all had a wonderful time and to think that it was 10 years ago already is pretty amazing. Jason and I always joked that we didn’t think we’d still be married by now. I admit that I had my doubts throughout the years but then the most amazing thing happened – we became parents and I SWEAR the love and respect we had for each other just multiplied when Jaden arrived. Fast forward 7 years later and we were blessed with the arrival of Charlotte … yet another thing neither of us imagine … that we’d be parents at all let alone have two beautiful girls to take care of.
A lot has gone on in the last 10 years … family members have been added and family members have passed on. Sadly, Jason’s grandmother Beatrice and Grandfather Stanley are both gone now. Grandpa Stanley loved Jaden and would have adored Charlotte’s smiley face. Grandma Beatrice (or Little Grandma as Jaden called her) LOVED Jaden (or Miss America as Beatrice called Jaden) and I just know Grandma would have eaten Charlotte up with hugs and kisses by now. It is very sad that they are gone and are sorely missed by all of us. My cousin Matt has also passed away this past year unexpectedly and his smile will be missed for years and years to come. We also lost Jason’s stepfather Moe in 2001. He sure would have LOVED being a grandfather to both Jaden and Charlotte and I am sure they would have been spoiled by him – something about those little girls you know! We also added to our families! Jason’s sister Adrienne was married so we gained Chuck as a brother in law and a tease if you ask Jaden. Jason’s cousin Melissa was also married so we have Damien as part of our family now too. Not to mention my sister was married to Dave and my brother married Amanda. They also added 2 more grandkids to the bunch – Hannah and Matthew. Lots of wonderful things have happened since Jason and I said “I DO” and we wouldn’t change a thing about the past 10 years. In fact I love him more today than I did the day I married him. There is so much about us that has grown and changed for the better. I am thankful that I found him over 11 years ago. I am grateful he gave me the chance to be ME and moved me all the way out here. I am thankful we stayed together through thick and thin. I am also grateful that we have many more years to share with each other but OF COURSE I am most thankful for Jaden and Charlotte – they were made out of true love and they are loved so very much!
So Thank You Jason for loving me unconditionally and for all you do as a husband and father! You are one in a billion and I do love your awesomeness!!! I am looking forward to oh so many more years together – and who knows – maybe another baby (or two) J/K!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Thanks for sitting through my long winded history of our wedding – if you are still reading that is :0) … I hope you enjoy all the photos – gosh we look SO different.
Only 2 more days until my Anniversary Surprise for Jason … I am so excited! I am pretty sure he has no idea but you never know! Shhhh!
Have a great day everyone – go hug your family!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte


Megan said...

Happy Anniversary!!! June is a great month to get married in! Chris and I will be celebrating 9 years next week! Ohhhh I can't wait to see what the surprise is!!!

Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures!

Vanessa said...

Happy anniversary and may you two have many, many more happy years to come!!

Hannah said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love all the flash back pictures. God Bless you both as you grow old together :)

Lund7 said...

That was fun reading about your wedding! Happy Anniversary!!

Also, congratulations on winning my blog giveaway!!! I can either mail the prize or we can meet next week at the zoo or somewhere else!! I need to know what size of socks you want too. Email me...

Jolene said...

Happy 10th Anniversary Rebekah & Jason! Wow - 10 years - congratulations! And you still like each other too - what a bonus - ha-ha!! Have fun tomorrow night with your Surprise!! Can't wait to hear all the details (well, maybe not ALL of them)!! Love you!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! Cute pictures! Have fun with your surprise!