Friday, February 13, 2009

FFF - Simply LOVE

(ABOVE: Just look at Charlotte staring at her Big Sister ... in a few years she'll want to be 'Just Like Her')
(ABOVE: Charlotte and Jaden)
(ABOVE: My Two Girls - Sisterly Love)
(ABOVE: Jaden was singing to Charlotte - and every time she does Charlotte stops making any noise and turns her head to find Jaden!)
Well it is Friday - I am back at work and ready to FINALLY post a FFF! It sure has been a while since I have actually posted and visited all of the blogs that post as well ... this weeks theme from Sarah is LOVE! Well this one is easy for me ... this is what I call love ... it is simple and sweet and I LOVE watching Jaden LOVE on her sister so very much. Charlotte is the first person Jaden asks about when she gets picked up and is the first person she looks for when she walks in the door and is the only person she smothers with kisses all over her forehead ... I cherish these times and my heart melts knowing that the love they have for each other is the same love that I have for my sister's and brother and that to have that bond will be a joy to watch ... so enjoy my two girls loving each other ... I hope you all have a Wonderful Valentine's Day - nothing special at our house. Jaden has swimming lessons and then I am visiting Jolene since her mom is in town - I promised Jaden that her and I would go get a manicure alone - just the 2 of us since it has been TOO long since we've had Mommy/Jaden time ... then we will have dinner (steak and lobster) at home and exchange gifts while chowing down on our traditional DQ Ice Cream Cake (Cherry Choco LOVE) ... Jason already gave me my gift last night (yeah he can never wait) and I now have a beautiful digital photo frame for my desk at work - to show of my love and my girls!! So Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

LOVE ~ The Clark Family of Four (Plus Manda) ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Leslie said...

What a special love your two babies have!!! CUTE!


Kristen said...

Oh my...that first picture is so precious. You've got two very beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

How did I know what your post would be??
I love it girl!!!

Hope you have a amazing Valentines Day.

Love, Marci

Melinda said...

A sister is such a special gift! Its so evident in your pictures!!


Lisa and Madeline said...

You can alsways see the love with your girls. Jaden is adorable with Charlotte. I hope someday Madeline also has the joy of being a big sister.
Happy Valentines day:)
Lisa & Madeline

Kim & Dave said...

Wow! Great sisterly love!

It's such a treat to see them be big sisters, isn't it? Especially when they had to wait so long to become big sisters! (our oldest waited 5 years!)

Mary Teresa said...

Your little ones are so cute!

And western NY! We totally didn't have dial-up there in 1997. Just cows...=D

Robyn said...

What sweet pics!!