Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Monday ... 7 weeks old already!

(ABOVE: Hospital Photo #1 - so tiiny!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte and Mommy!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte) (ABOVE: Charlotte - Safe in Daddy's Arms)
(ABOVE: BEST FRIENDS - Jaden and Hannah!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte with her GodMother and my Best Friend - Jolene!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte smiling for daddy!)
(ABOVE: My 2 girls ... my goodness Jaden has some seriously long legs!)
(ABOVE: I LOVE this picture of my girls!)
(ABOVE: Jaden - she is growing up so fast! I can't believe she'll be 7 in 3 weeks!)
(ABOVE: Trying tummy time ... yeah - not so much!)
(ABOVE: Just a GREAT picture of Jaden and Katie!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte kicked back in her new swing!!! I want one!)
(ABOVE: My Big Helper - Jaden giving Charlotte a bath - she is such a wonderful helper without even being asked she wants to help all the time! I am blessed!)
(ABOVE: Jaden feeding Charlotte - she adores her baby sister!)
(ABOVE: It may be silly but it is one of her first REAL smiles and it melted my heart!)
Happy Monday all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and that LOVE was all around ... our weekend was pretty busy and fun. Friday we ran a bunch of errands and I picked up Jason's Valentine's Gift (we both got each other a digital picture frame for our desks! too funny!) I also headed to Target to pick up some outfits for Charlotte ... she is just about out of NewBorn sized clothes that hav feet ... jammies and such so I picked up some cute outfits in 0-3 ... which are big on her for now but not for long I am sure. I can't believe how fast she is growing and changing. She started smiling and talking to her furry friends in her crib and her tongue goes a mile a minute tring to make some sort of noises. It is cute to watch her. Her hair is growing in on the top of her head where it all fell out - it feels like fuzz on a peach - mom is petting her a lot now!! She is plumping up nicely and has one recognizable roll on her inner upper thighs which is too cute!! I love a plump baby! She also scared the heck out of me last night ...she usually eats her last bottle before bed around 9:00. Then I lie her down at 8:00 - then I put her in her crib around 9:15 or so. Then (like clock work) she wakes up around 12:00 to eat again - then 3 - then 6 ... well last night I went to bed at 10:30 and figured she's be awake in an hour and a half ... well sometime in the night Jason coughed and I rolled over, looked at the clock, saw it said 3:15 and I sat up instantly ... I ran up the stair to her room and paused before going in hoping she was safe and sound ... when I opened the door she saw the extra light come in her room and her legs shot up and she growled! And mom had a big SIGH of relief ... then I smiled realizing she slept for 6 hours straight through ... I of course changed her and fed her anyhow and then she went back to sleep until 8:00 ... so my teeny 7 week old baby slept for a long stretch for a baby! It surprised me and I thought nothing but the worse when I woke up and realized she was still sleeping ... she is making me paranoid already! Jeesh!
We did have a Happy Valentine's Day too ... Jaden started her advanced swimming lessons and she did really well with the butterfly stroke - her coordination is so good. She did get tired quick since her laps are 15 feet longer and no rests in between - they do this 6 times so she had every right to be tired ... I was tired watching her! But of course we were so proud of her and so was the lead instructor we suggested we move her up! We are glad we did ... and she is all signed up and ready for the Spring Session which starts the end of March! Jaden and I then spent some one on one time alone with each other. I promised her that once Charlotte was born her and I would spend some mommy Jaden time together so Saturday we went to get a manicure and our nails painted. We then walked to caribou coffee where I got a Caramel High Rise (YUM) and Jaden had a kids cocoa with a muffin. It was a fun time - in 6 weeks we're going to get pedicures!!! Later we all headed to Target while Jason went to get Valentine's dinner and then we visited Jolene since her parents were in town. Our night ended with Steak and Lobster at home with some wine and ice cream cake ... and of course my Hubby and my girls' - and a special guest - Manda too! It was a wonderful Valentine's Day and wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone else!! How was your weekend? Well I hope you all had a wonderful day and that your week is going well so far ... I am swamped at work which helps the day fly by ... Jaden was off school today for President's Day so she stayed home with Manda and the baby. They went to the park and then the mall for the afternoon ... they all had a great time! Oh and I have some more professional hospital photos to post ... I can't believe she was that tiny!! Time flies too fast!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four (Plus Manda) ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Baby Charlotte


Leslie said...

awwwww your girls melt my heart too!!!!! Such dolls!


Kristen said...

Yay! Smiles are the best! Jaden is a wonderful big sister, they're going to be great friends!

Anonymous said...

Girls are the best huh?? KAYLEE has the same brown and pink polk a dot blanket as Charlotte,,it is our fav....That is our colors, pink and brown...LOVE THEM!!! Thinking of you always.....((HUGS)) From sc..

Love, Marci

KK said...

Your girls are precious and yeah...your baby and I share a birthday!
Blessings always and good luck in the give-a-way on my blog,