Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday ...

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Well I thought I would try participating in Hi/Lo Thursday where each week you post a Hi and Lo for the week. I got the idea from the originator Brent Riggs (author of Serious Like Magazine). I have been a Riggs Family Follower for a few months but have never posted a Hi/Lo until now (hmmm, could it be the $100 giveaway tomorrow for all those who participate?) No matter the reason though ... here is my Hi and Lo for the week ...
Week Hi: The Hi for the week would have to be that my mom was cleared to return to work on March 2nd ... though we are bummed that she goes back that soon we are also happy that she goes back that soon. If the doctors feel she can return to work then that means her procedure for her Spinal Fluid Leak has been successful thus far and her mild heart attack hasn't damaged anything or slowed her down. In fact the more I talk to her the better she sounds and thanks to our webcam being hooked up (Thanks hunny) I think she looks great too! The only thing we need to figure out now is when she can come and visit us!!!
Week Lo: The Lo for the week by far would have to be that I returned to work after being off for 9 weeks (6 weeks Maternity leave and 3 weeks on Bedrest). It was so hard to leave this face in the morning but I am happy to report she is home safe and sound with my niece until she heads to daycare on March 9th! I sit here at work in a daze and am grateful for Manda sending me daily photos in my email. I also look forward to heading home each day to be with both of my prescious girls ... so I guess even though this is a Lo - I still thank God for the beautiful life I have.
(BELOW: Baby Charlotte - How could I ever leave this sweet face)
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Love ~ The Clark Family of Four (plus Manda) ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Baby Charlotte!

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RookieRuggerLSU said...

Just remember that going back to work means you're working to make her life as great as you possibly can make it :) BTW - Thank you so much for your comment the other night ... it was much needed. Just know that I always knew how much you cared ;)