Thursday, December 11, 2008

As of today ... I am still pregnant ... YAY

(ABOVE: The stairs leading up to the new hallway that's Jaden's room at the very end)
(ABOVE: The stairs - going up an going down)
(ABOVE: The new banisters and stairs)
(ABOVE: Me - still pregnant!)
Just thought I would first start off by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has left a message for me ... You are all truly GREAT blogger moms and friends ... Secondly I figured I'd let you know that Charlotte is still cooking away - I am still pregnant. Which for me is great news ... the house just is NOT ready until Tuesday so she HAS got to wait until then at least. We are having serious contractor issues and I finally had a huge battle with one of the yesterday ... and guess what he had the balls to say to me ... "Boy I am sure you are driving Jason crazy at home being s moody and pregnant" ... Umm - excuse me ... yeah good thing it was over the phone or I would have kicked him in the balls ... I have a negative amount of patience left with this remodel ... it is 4 weeks over schedule and the contractors could care less about the urgency of the situation ... not to mention he said it wasn't his fault - I'm not due until January .... ok seriously - shut up at this point! Today they are here finishing the trim work, closets and misc carpentry as well as priming all the walls and ceilings white. tomorrow they will come in and paint the hall way and stairwell. Saturday Jason is cleaning the house from top to bottom while Jaden is at a birthday party ... and Sunday we will be painting one wall in each of the new bedrooms (yeah - contractors are supposed to do that but that is another story for another day). My mother in law is visiting this weekend so I am sure she will happily help with what ever she can. Carpet gets installed by Tuesday and the electrical should be inspected by then as well. So as of RIGHT NOW ... the girls bedrooms will be done Tuesday ... YIPPIE! Hopefully we have some friends we can get to help us move and put together furniture. Ok - DEEP BREATH!
My Doctors appointment went fine yesterday - BP was 130/96 ... still high but since I am not working and taking the medication he said he felt comfortable enough to send me home until next week ... but are you ready for this ... Guess What Now ... Charlotte is now BREACH! Can you flippin' believe that? Well Dr. Wesley just shook his head and smirked - he said if it isn't one thing its another at this point. He is hoping I stay pregnant until next week at the earliest. I did mange to lose 9 pounds in 9 days - what a great diet huh? You'd think I'd be packing on the pounds sitting on the couch ... not to much ... the weight loss isn't a big deal as of now he said. So our goal is to make it to Wednesday and then if she is breach at 36 weeks it would be a scheduled C-Section ... if she flips then he will start to weigh the benefits of staying pregnant any longer - at this point the only solution to the BP issue is delivery! So here's hoping that if she comes it is next week ... not the week of Christmas ... I'd rather have her here after Christmas than the week of ... so enough blabbing out of me ... I will see you all tomorrow for FFF! Until then ... here is a recent photo of the inside of the house ... the only consolation of them taking so damn long is that it looks nice right?
Love ~ The Clark Family ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Baby#2 too!


Kelly said...

Glad to hear you are still pregnant and your bp is somewhat under control. I can't believe the gall of that contractor to speak to you, his employer, in that way. What a jerk!!

Here's hoping all is done by Tuesday. You look great by the way!! Hang in there!

Leslie said...

wow your house is looking soooooo good!!!!!! YOu look soooo good i was a mess when i was that far along!!! Or maybe i just felt that way!!!! LOL


Kristen said...

You and your house look great! Keep up the good work Momma!

Lisa and Madeline said...

HI! Yes it's me, the facebook addict. I try my best to keep up on here, especially with you. I had missed your last 2 posts and read them. The house is looking great. How exciting to get "more" house and I am sure Jaden is soooo excited too for a new room.

You look amazing pregnant. Just glowing. Great pic of all of you too. So I read the update on Charlotte. I was on bed rest the last 3 weeks. I was hopitalized for high BP too and it came down a little with bedrest, so there I went, on bedrest. At the appointment where he sent me to the hospital I also found out Madeline was BREECH too! She was in the "Frank Breech" presentation and I did have a c-section. Not too bad. I hear I went through less pain then labor, even though the incision pain I did not like at all and it took a good 2 weeks to get really moving again~plus no lifting, carrying the car seat, or driving (I did after a week though)

Anyhow, I can't wait to see her and time has just flown. I also was wondering if I could get your address for a X-mas card. Can you message me on Facebook if possible. I have a few people on here I feel I know and would love to send them some Christmas cheer, even though I have never met some of them, like you.

Enjoy your time with Jaden and I really home your house gets done fast. Your posts crack me up becasue I can "hear" your frustration.

Happy Holidays!!!

Hannah said...

Look how cute you are while you are baking a another sweet baby!!

Glad she is waiting a little longer, until the house is done. We came home and moved in with Dmitry when we built our house too. I loved the building part but not packing and moving everything part.

Have a great day!