Friday, December 12, 2008

FFF (on a Saturday) - Christmas Mornings ... Through The Years ...

STAY TUNED for Jaden's 7th Christmas Morning ... will she have a sister this year or not ... TO BE CONTINUED ...
(ABOVE: Jaden's 6th Christmas Morning ~ 5 1/2 years old ~ 2007)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 5th Christmas Morning ~ 4 1/2 years old (and VERY excited) ~ 2006)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 4th Christmas Morning ~ 3 1/2 years old ~ 2005)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 3rd Christmas Morning ~ 2 1/2 years old ~ 2004)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 2nd Christmas Morning at Nanny & Poppy's House ~ 1 1/2 years old ~ 2003)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 1st Christmas Morning ~ 9 months old ~ 2002)
Happy FFF Everyone ... On a Saturday this time? I thought I would try a Christmas Morning - Through The Years post ... I promise to try to visit all of you who have been stopping in to see how we're doing ... my laptop battery does not cooperate very well once it is on it's own (a.k.a. without the plug!) I hope you've all had a wonderful week - mine has been boring and annoying with the contractors being here but I FINALLY see a light at the end of both tunnels ... construction and pregnancy! They are here painting today and tomorrow I think ... then carpet and electrical gets finished Monday and Tuesday ... hopefully Jaden is fast asleep in her new bedroom Tuesday night ... cross your fingers for us ok? Well shall we get on with the show ... Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Love ~ The Clark Family ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby#2 too!


Leslie said...

Im crossing my fingers for you guys!!!!!!!!! I think you will have the baby before Christmas!!!!


Megan said...

I love the pics! This is my favorite time of year. I am also keeping everything crossed that everything is done in time.

Hannah said...

LOVE her through the years! I love her excited look so very stinking cute!

Beck said...

Hey Friend!
Sorry I have not stopped by with a comment in awhile, but our DSL has been giving me problems. I have been using dial up, so blogging has been hard, to say the least. Verizon is working on it this week and our actual date of completion will be Dec. 24th. So I should be back to full force commenting in no time, lol.

So bed rest? That's no fun! Hopefully you are feeling well and not getting too bored in bed all day. I am sure the weather makes you WANT to stay in bed though (: We were at 24 degrees last night and I thought that was cold! Poor Jaden at the bus stop with those temps, ugh. I am so glad to hear the girls' rooms are about complete. That must be a HUGE relief. I can't wait to see pictures. Baby Charlotte will be here soooon! I am so excited for you and for Jaden too! Have a great week, hang in there (:
*HUGS* Rebecca