Monday, September 03, 2007

Family Appreciation Night ...

(ABOVE: Having an after dinner cookie - before performing)

(ABOVE: Getting ready for the Little Monkeys!)

(ABOVE: demonstrating that the Monkey who fell off the bed - bumped his head!)

(ABOVE: Getting excited to read my line of the poem - it was - Kid's Count ROCKS!)

We were invited to Jaden's daycare for Family Appreciation Night on Thursday! It was a catered dinner from Buca DiBeppo's (YUM) as well as performances by each daycare 'class' ... so I guess you could say we had a Dinner and a Show. It was a lot of fun and the food was pretty tasty! I have a deep down affection for Buca DiBeppo's. You see Jaden was running about 5 days past my due date and I had had enough! Of course after she was born and we saw she weighted 9lbs 9ounces you can all pretty much GUESS why I had had enough ... but that is just my opinion on the matter! (HEHEHE) My sister, brother, brother in law, niece and nephew drove the 22 hour trek from NY to MN in March no less and there still was NO BABY to show for it so we decided to shop all day long and then eat at Buca's. Well that was the magic pill - less than 4 hours later I was in labor ... granted Jaden still waited another 24 hours before gracing us all with her presence! So Buca is always welcome in my home - and on my table!

What was I saying ... ahhh, yes. Jaden did wonderfully performing 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed in sign language. It was very good and the she was very proud that she remembered all the signs. Then she read a poem with the School Age class ... all in all it was a fun time ... they also played quite a bit outside on the playground equipment and of course us parents got to talk with lots of other parents! Well enjoy the pictures and the video! (hopefully) ... we are in COUNTDOWN Mode here in the Clark House ... tomorrow is Jaden's Kindergarten Orientation and the next Day is the First Day of School! I will need a box of tissues I am sure!

Love ~ The Clark's ~ Jason, Rebekah and Jaden TOO!

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Anonymous said...

Another great job by my wonderful daughter. I love looking at these "blogs"