Friday, March 19, 2010

Jaden's 8 and we're having a PARTY!

~ Charlotte got herself some new sneaker - Twinkle Toes! ~
~ Playing outside in the nice weather ~
~ Jaden with George at dinner ~
~ Charlotte, not feeling great at Jaden's birthday dinner ~
Well so much for my failed New Year's Resolution - blogging more often! Yeah, I suck I guess huh? I can tell by my lack of comments that I suck! I am working on it ... you'd think sitting here at home would allow me MORE time to blog but apparantly this stay at home gig is harder than my office job! Ha Ha!
There isn't much new around here except that a certain Girl turned 8 recentyl! Yup, Jaden is officially 8 years old which made her VERY happy ... she is no legal she said ... yup, legal to ride in the car with OUT a booster seat! She is very happy about that! We celebrated her day by going to Red Robin for dinner, unfortunately Charlotte, Jason and I all got infected with the Norwalk Virus from contaminated food - yeah GROSS - so Miss Charlotte was feeling crummy and couldn't keep anything down ... Jaden was spared since she managed to sleep at a friends that night so she didn't consume the pizza the rest of us did - GROSS! Charlotte was crabby but Jaden enjoyed her dinner with Grandma, Heather and Savannah! She also got to take Curious George home from school that weekend so he came to dinner too!
Tomorrow is her birthday party - we're heading to a local hotel to swim and spend the night ... we've got 30 people coming so it should be a wonderful time! She is very excited and now that Charlotte is feeling better - minus the cold she now has - it should be a fun time. Tonight I have a bachelorette party to go to for Heather - cowboy theme - God help me - I am a CITY GIRL so I headed to Goodwill to get a plaid shirt, a jean jacket and some boots - all for just 20 bucks ... should be a fun time though!
Other than all that we finally got the last bit of snow melted around here - we've had 5 days of 65 degree weather ... it has been SO WONDERFUL to be outside - Charlotte has had a blast walking all around, picking up sticks, leaves and rocks ... a great end to winter officially! Today is back to a normal temp but sounds like 50's will return next week! Jaden is off all next week so that will be perfect - maybe we'll head to Como Zoo or the Children's Museaum! Lot's to do!
My daycare licensing is on the Fast Track thanks to my reference letters being sent in already and the background check clearing. Alls that I have left is my CPR and 1st Aid class which is next Saturday ... after that I can send my certification copies in with the $50 fee and hopefully they will head out to the house to do a safety check .. YIPPIE! I am hoping that I get my paper license by the middle of April - that would give me all of May and 1/2 of June to prepare and get some children enrolled! I am so excited! Anyone out there in my area need daycare?
Well I hope all of you out there in Blogger Land are enjoying Spring ... I will stop by and visit RIGHT NOW!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Miss Charlotte


Lund7 said...

Nice newsy post! Happy Birthday Jaden!!! Don't tell Greta that she's legal to ride in the car without the booster seat though...I'm keeping her in it a little longer!

Have a great time at the pool party! Good luck with the daycare certification too. I didn't know you were thinking of doing that! You'll be a great daycare mom!

Anonymous said...

Took a minute to look at your blog, wish I was at the party, my first time missing Jaden's birthday, I guess I should have been born rich instead of beautiful. Love to you all

Kelly said...

Hope all is well with you! Update when you get a chance!