Monday, February 22, 2010

Howdy Ho ... been a while!

We've Been Busy ... Wanna See?
~ Jason started on Charlotte's tattoo ~
~ Jason and Charlotte are both Capricorns - hence the goat/mermaid thing ~
~ Jaden got her STORM Sweatshirt from Grandma for an early birthday present ~
~ We wear pigtails a LOT now that our hair has grown like a weed! ~
~ We build block towers taller than ourselves! ~
~ We were SO happy to finally GO OUTSIDE for a walk! ~
~ We've had more snow than we would like to have had this year - BLAH! ~
~ We make each other laugh! ~
~ We emptied Grandmas Kitchen Cabinets! ~~ We ate and enjoyed yogurt! ~
~ We can't unplug our Christmas Lights until they thaw out - go ahead, you unplug them - dare ya! ~
~ We celebrated daddy's birthday! ~
~ We went out to BD's Mongolian BBQ to celebrate daddy getting older - grandma came too! ~
~ We went sledding! ~
~ Jaden had her 1st Swim Meet and achieved qualifying C times for the next meet! She did GREAT! ~
~ We've played with friends (Charlotte & Katie) ~
~ We kick back and watch TV - usually NEMO - 100 times or so! ~
I hope everyone who is still out there is blogger land is doing fine and dandy! We are all fine and dandy here as well! Thought that since I promised myself I would blog more I may as well get up off my rear and do just that! So what has been going on around here? Well not too much - same 'ol same 'ol! Which I guess after the year we had last year is a GOOD thing right? Well I decided that after 7 months of looking for a job with NO LUCK I am currently going through licensing for home daycare! I am very excited about the new possibilities that will open up for me and my family! I have already completed my first Orientation Class that was a basic overview of the laws and requirements for licensing. I brought home and filled out the mountains of paperwork - such as background checks, social history background, application as well as curriculum guide. I also read the MN rules and statutes for licensing and signed up for my CPR, 1st Aid and Lifesaving Classes. This Thursday I will be heading to the second Orientation Class that basically reviews my paperwork as well as teaches me a SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome Class. After that the background checks will be processed while I get my house up to the safety compliance standards - you know baby proofing and locking up knives and chemicals and such. Once the safety check is in place I will be given my license and will be ready to market myself out there as Bekah's Bumblebees!!! I will be licensed to take care of 10 children - 2 of them are my own - so I will have open spots for 2 infants (Charlotte will be my open toddle spot) 3 preschool kids (age 2-4) and 3 school agers (age 4-11) ... it should be a lot of fun! Right now I am going through my curriculum and a 'basic' day we would have - such as reading time, music time, free play, dress up time, arts & crafts time, lunch, outdoor play etc. I know it will be the hardest job I have ever had but I have truly LOVED being home with Charlotte and being the one to teach her all that she knows right now ... I know it will be such a rewarding experience for us as a whole!!! So that is my big news - ANYONE out there in the South Metro who needs daycare let me know??? I have plenty of spots open right now - HAH!
As for life around here - it is GOOD! Jaden is still LOVING her swimming and is really blooming in school! She attened her 1st Competitive Swim Meet at the end of January and she swam 5 events. She placed in all 5 and even got qualifying C times for the freestyle and backstroke - she did amazing and we are so proud of her! She alsi truly loves going to school each day she says! She recently has had a lot of playdates with friends which included sleepovers as well. Shs is such a GREAT kid!! Charlotte is a full time walker and part time faller these days ... she has mastered the art of maneuvering around and is all smiles and so proud of herself ... she also talks - ALOT and LOUD! Both of my girls are joys to be around ... I am one lucky mom!
Jason is doing well too! He recently spent 5 hours at the tattoo shop and started his Charlotte Tattoo on his leg next to his Jaden Tattoo ... on March 1st he will be getting it colored in ... whoo! It looks great! He is also very excited about the daycare licensing ... he will of course be my business manager as I suck with the whole money thing and he is a genius at it ... and of course owning your own business requires a LOT of record keeping so he is up for the challenge!!!
As for me - I am happy and sort of stress free for the 1st time in over a year and that is a good change of pace for me ... I look forward to the changes 2010 will bring us all ... the next biggest thing to decide is - my parents are in Florida and have offered to buy Jaden and I a ticket to fly down for a week in March (with Charlotte on my lap) ... I am wishy washy on flying without Jason and with Charlotte on my lap ... and of course Jaden set a goal of not missing any school days - she will miss 6 if we go ... decisions decisions ... I will be sure to let you all know ... as for now here are some pictures from the last month or so!! Have a great day!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Miss Charlotte

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Beck said...

Bekah's Bunblebees!!! I LOVE it! What a great idea. You must be thrilled to be able to stay home with Charlotte while still earning a living. So glad for you (: Keep the blog posted on how it works out for you! Your girls are SO cute, I can't believe how much they look like eachother. Have a great week!!