Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Last Weekend of Summer and First Day of School

~ Jaden dressed and all ready to start 2nd grade ~
~ Jaden & Charlotte - 1st Day of School 2009 ~
~ Jaden getting ready to head in to school with her sunflowers for her teacher ~
~ Jaden eating her oatmeal on the 1st Day of School ~
~ Charlotte enjoying the waterpark ~
~ Cascade Bay Waterpark - Eagan, MN ~
~ Jaden and Hannah ~
~ Kendra & Jaden @ Cascade Bay Waterpark ~
~ Charlotte & a little boy were playing @ The Park and he tried to take her stick - she pulled it away and scratched her face - but still oh so happy! ~
~ Sydney - Jaden & Savannah at the Chutes & Ladders Park in Bloomington ~
~ Chutes & Laddes Park - Bloomington, MN ~
~ Jaden at our beach near our house - Prior Lake ~
~ Charlotte LOVING the sand at Sandpoint Beach ~
~ Jaden outside her classroom door at the Back To School Event ~
Well it is the UNofficial official end to summer ... I hope everyone had a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend. Our last weekend of summer was fun and busy. Friday night we did the usual ... driveway drinking with our neighbors and then ordering some pizza. Saturday was Jaden's 1st Fall Session of swimming - she is happy to be back and we're happy to have a schedule in the house again. She picked up her swimming where she left off and aside from getting tired she was happy as can be. We decided to move her up to the BIG Level so now she swims with 7-13 year olds. We are hoping she moves up to he next level by Spring which will include non-competitive swim meets.
After swimming we had Sarah, Koz and Kendra over for a BBQ but before grilling out Sarah, Kendra, Jaden, Charlotte and I met up with Jolene, Jeff & the girls at Cascade Bay Waterpark in Eagan. it was a beautiful day and this waterpark is pretty great - especially for an all day admittance of $9.00 - you can't beat that! Charlotte had a wonderful time in the water and Jaden enjoyed all the waterslides and swimming with her friends. We even went on the lazy river where Charlotte and I got caught in the rapids and waterfalls - and got SOAKED - Charlotte LOVED it ... me - not so much ... it was a fun day! We spent about 3 hours swimming and Charlotte was asleep before we even eft the parking lot. Jaden headed home with Hannah for a sleepover. Sarah, Kendra, Charlotte and I headed to my house where the guys had corn and burgers ready by the time we arrived. Our neighbors (Jenny and Kevin) came over and brought a HUGE tray of shrimp cocktail ... it was a fun night.
Sunday we did the usual - laundry and relax - we also watched a few movies. It was a nice day. Jaden played with some friends and we did our usual walk around the nieghborhood. Sunday night our dishwasher was acting weird - wouldn't turn on if the sink light was off - WEIRD! So Jason turned the light switch on and the dishwasher sparked and smoke billowed out of it - WTH! The dishwasher is a whole 60 days old - so he shut the circuit breaker off and the replacement/repair guys comes tomorrow!!!
Yesterday Jaden spent her last day of summer with Alanna and Sydney. Those girls spent hours in the pool ... they enojoyed a filled day of play before settling in for a shower and bedtime ... school started today!
This morning we picked up some awesome sunflowers for her teacher before I dropped her off ... then I headed out for an interview with Charlotte - good offer but only 8 weeks of work - not very practical right now ... we will see if it works out ... but for now I will post some pictures ... Hope you all had a great long weekend ... ONLY 36 days until my family arrives for Charlotte's Batism - can't wait! whoo-hoo ... (but who's counting?)
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte


Rhonda said...

What gorgeous pictures. Those girls are just soooooo cute!

Lund7 said...

Hey...you were at Cascade Bay and didn't call us!!!??? We live about 1/2 mile away!

Jaden looks so cute on her first day of 2nd grade. Can you believe our little girls are 2nd graders? Greta loved her first day back to school. Hope Jaden's was good too!

Leslie said...

OMG baby girl is getting sooo big ....*sniff*.....

Just perfect those girls!!!

I want summer forever dont you?


Kelly said...

Adorable pictures! Your girls are SOOO cute! Glad you guys had such a great end to your summer. Here's to a great school year for Jaden!

Have a great week!

Kelly said...

P.S. - Jenna has the same red bathing suit that Charlotte is wearing! Small world!

Hannah said...

Jaden looked so cute on her first day! What a great idea to send sunflowers for the teacher. I have never thought of that.

That water park looks SO fun!!

Leslie said...

Come to my blog and pick up y0ur kreativ blogger award!