Monday, August 10, 2009

You Would Think ...

~ Charlotte's 6 month portraits ... what a BIG GIRL sitting all by herself ~
~ Charlotte - 6 months old - her usual pose ... arms flapping like a bird with a big ol grin ~
~ Sunset on the way home from Grandma's House ~
~ I don't think they thought this was what was going to happen ~
~ Jaden and Grandma - BEFORE the ride moved ~
~ Baby Charlotte @ The Fair - we were sitting under a red tent ~
~ Jaden riding a pony ~
~ Jaden riding a tractor ~
~ I took this because it reminded me of Donkey from Shrek ~
~ A Beautiful Peacock ~
~ A Llama without any spit ~
~ Charlotte celebrating National Night Out ~
~ Jaden running from a kid filled park during National Night Out ~
That by my being recently without job I would have LOTS AND LOTS of free time to sit on my rear end - eating bon bons - and blogging right? Well it seems as though I have kept myself busy enough to neglect my dear blog and all of its DEAR READERS! So for that I am truly sorry ... but we missed blogging this past week and we're back with some updates and of course new photos to share!
Let's see - Jaden and Charlotte enjoyed last week at daycare while I job searched at home and went on some promising interviews. I also managed to guiltily (hmm) float on top of the pool while reading a few books and getting a little color to my pasty self. Tuesday our neighborhood celebrated National Night Out up at our park ... there were a TON of kids there - didn't realize we had that many children in the neighborhood. We had lots of food and it was fun meeting new people. Wednesday the girls and I headed down to Albert Lea to meet up with my Mother In Law Carol and head to the Freeborn County Fair for some rides, animals and of course fair food. It was a great time and the weather was FINALLY warm out - a bit too warm in the sun for Charlotte! Friday I had an interview in the morning and then I was scheduled to watch Jaden's friend Alanna. So after the interview Alanna and I headed to my daycare to pick up the girls so they could come home and play. Jaden's other friend Sydney also came over to pass the time away since Minnesota finally received some MUCH needed rain all day Friday - actually 3" of rain fell - it was wet, thunderous rain with lots of lightening and roof shaking thunder. Saturday brought with it a LOT of humidity and heat - we had no plans for the weekend so we stayed home and enjoyed doing nothing for a change. Yesterday Jaden had Sydney and Alanna over to play again and Sydney spent the night. Charlotte, Jaden and I have all come down with the same annoying cold and I am sorry to report that after a very sad night of sleep for Miss Charlotte she has yet another ear infection - same ear - same situation - different medication this time. Even stronger than Zithromax - the dr wants to see her again in 2 weeks and she said if we have 3 more ear infections in the next 5 months we will have to talk about ear tubes - so cross your fingers for her will ya?
Let's see - tomorrow my Mother In Law is coming up to stay until Thursday. You see - this week my daycare is closed so I originally needed a babysitter for a few days. I was taking Monday and Friday off and Carol was coming up to watch the girls Tuesday-Thursday. Well now that I am 'off' we made some fun plans. Tomorrow we are heading to the Albertville Outlets with my neighbor Jenny so I can get some school shopping done for Jaden. Wednesday I have a call back interview and then we will be heading to visit Carol's Aunt's Horse Farm in Wisconsin. Thursday I am not sure what plans we have yet but the weather here is supposed to be AWESOME so I am sure it will entail swimming and playdates.
So in the meantime - enjoy the new pictures - these are the portraits we had taken of Charlotte last week - she is getting so big and I know I'm her mom but I swear she is just the cutest thing!!
I hope you're all well and enjoying the last weeks of summer - ugh! I promise to visit you all this week!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Leslie said...

i just saw these great pics on in love!!! congrats on the first tooth big girl!

Terri said...

Love the 6 month pictures! Good job with the job hunt!

Rhonda said...

What a fun time. LOVED the six month picture. The girls are truly adorable and looked like they have been having an awesome summer :-)

Best wishes on your job search.

Hannah said...

Love the pictures!! Your daughters are just beautiful!