Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Slacker Poster and I Have A 7 Month Old!!

~ Charlotte - 7 Months Old Today! ~
~ Charlotte in her Turtle Float (she doesn't look too thrilled does she?) ~
~ Me and My Girls in the pool ~
~ Uh-Oh - Fast Foward 9 years ... she was a MANIAC on the Bumper Cars ~
~ Jaden on the Roller Coaster at the Scott County Fair ~
~ LOOK - Twin Cows - Ho-Ho and Twinkie ~
~ One of the Stalheim Farm Clydesdales - he is HUGE ~
~ The Stalheim Farms Horse Carriage ~
~ Jaden standing by a Horse Sculpture ~
~ Charlotte getting some LOVE from Jolene ~
~ Yup - This is her normal grin!! ~
Well it is official - I am a SLACKER! I have had nothing but time on my hands the past few days but still no post! Hmm - what the heck ... well if any of you have a facebook account and have read my status then some of you know that recently I was put on furlough at work - kind of a "lack of work' scenario. I could be called back in the next few weeks if we get enough work to support that decision or I will be laid off and be without a job. So as you may know the past few days have been trying and stressful! I am usually a pretty negative person in general ... usually upbeat but rarely do I look for the good in things first. Tha pretains to situation as well as meeting new people ... I joke - sadly - that I usually hate you before I like you ... so when this situation occured I realized there truly is nothing I can do about it. I will sit home for the next 2 weeks and hope for a phone call back to my job. If that phone call doesn't come I will take Charlote and Jaden out of daycare and stay at home with them for a few month while I look for work. In the end I will be a stay at home mom - something I NEVER thought I wanted to do much less be able to do it but I am excited for this opportunity to actaully be the one to raise my children ... in the end I have to make lemonade out of my lemons ... and with two beautiful faces like Jaden and Charlotte's I am sure to have the sweetest lemonade around! So bear with me if I sway towards doom and gloom ... I am not trying to be negative but we all know how life comes at us with fastballs and curves and alls I can hope for is a base hit - no need for a homerun!
But in the meantime we have been busy around our house ... Friday I had taken the day off since daycare was closed so Jaden, Charlotte and I met up with Jolene and Hannah for lunch. After lunch we headed to our house so the big girls could swim and the mooms could talk. It was a fun time to be able to spend alone with Jolene - usually we are both so torn between kids and husbands that we lose out on one on one time to just be us. Now that I am without a job at least for a few weeks I am sure we will have lunch often!!! Right Jo?
After the girls swam they asked if Hannah could sleep over - of course it was fine and a great idea so Hannah spent the night. Jason made a bonfire and we had ourselves some smores!! It was a good time ... Saturday was my Mother In Law Carol's birthday. She came up to spend the day with us at our County Fair ... it was a fun time last year so we made the trek again this year. Carol's Aunt and cousin have raised Clydesdale horses for a long time and they were showing their horses in the County Fair so it was fun to meet some family members and to watch the horses. Stalheim Farms in Wisconsin is the name of the farm - it was a great show to watch too!
Next we headed to eat some fair food - corn dogs, pizza, french fries and funnel cakes - YUM! After that Jaden went on rides and Jason won her a new stuffed animal this year - a TURTLE! I love it and want one for myself!!! After the fair we headed home where Carol hung out for a while before heading home.
Sunday wasa relaxing day with the usual laundry and such. Charlotte did use her turtle float in the BIG pool for the 1st time! She cried at first but once she saw the toy and splash area on her float she was happy as can be ... she did better than I did in that cold water. It was fun to watch her face too! I also can NOT believe that she turned 7 months old today ... it is pretty crazy how fast the time has gone by but also how much she has grown and changed! She is a pretty perfect baby if you ask me and makes me smile all the time. She has finally started rolling over and over and over - she has been rolling for a bit but would pitch a fit on her tummy but now she rolls all around. She prefers to sit all by herself on the floor with toys surrounding her. She will spend hours in her exersaucer chewing on all the dangling things. She also fell in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Channel. When she sees his face and hears his voice she squels with delight. It is pretty cute! She weighed in at 19 pound and was 26" long already! What a big girl. Speaking of big girl - when you say "Who's a Big Girl?" to her she starts clapping now - it is too cute! I just love her to pieces ... I have been blessed with both my girls!!
Well I am off to apply for more jobs ... wish me luck! I went to a seminar last night to sell some nutritional supplements from home - here's hoping that turns into something!
Have a GREAT Day!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte


Lund7 said...

Awww, I'm sorry about your job. As hard as it must be to stay positive, just think of all that you will be a part of each day in your girls lives!! And yes, we would love to get together again with you guys at your place or ours. Greta says "hi" to Jaden! Keep in touch....

Kelly said...

Adorable pictures! So sorry to hear about what is going on with your job. Good luck finding something soon and in the meantime...enjoy your time at home with your girls!! They grow up SO fast (as you know) and this time with them will mean so much to you as they get older and more independant.

Have a great rest of the week!


P.S. - the sunflower dress (that Jenna was wearing on my blog) came from Baby Gap. Not sure if they have it in ladies sizes or not! Would be cute though right?? I Love that dress!

Anonymous said...

To my precious daughter, things happen for a reason, sometimes (many) we do not know why but 99% of the time it is for the better, always think of the positive side, negativity breeds negativity you have too much happiness and love to let that creep in. Look at today, know matter what the weather it is a beautiful day - you have the love of your husband, and those two special granddaughters of mine what could possibly make your sad. Plus all the love we send from New York. I love you, it will be fine, enjoy this time, as your friends say "it goes really fast" - who knows better than me - you were once my little girl and now you have your own. I love you

Leslie said...

Happy 7months she is getting soo big and of course sooo pretty!!!!

*sigh*...you are slacker but you are forgiven! lol


Rhonda said...

I am so sorry this has happened to you. it stinks so much to hear and see how this economy has affected so many people that we love. Hoping and praying that something comes to you that you will enjoy doing. Enjoy this special time with those gorgeous and did I say gorgeous? daughters? HUGS and prayers, Rhonda

Kristen said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only slacker. I started watching Grey's Anatomy when we were without internet and cable during the move and now I'm hooked! I'm determined the catch up in time for the next season. So, instead of blogging and following others I've just been watching Greys.

Sorry to hear about your job. I hope everything works out for you!

Lisa and Madeline said...

can you believe its me,. I actually posted and wanted to let you know I was back..this time I am sure. I really miss reading the blogs and realized too after coming to yours I get so much more out of here than facebook. I learned more about what was going on with you and how you feel than facebook. So I hope you will rejoin in visiting me. I know you keep with me on facebook...but this is my true home. I really do miss it.
I am praying you get a call back from your job. In the meantime enjoy time with your girls....this happen for a reason..its an old saying, but it is so true.
Lv from KY
Lisa & Madeline