Monday, June 08, 2009

Is this REALLY my baby?

(ABOVE: My Big Girl ... she looks SO much bigger in this picture and her eyes are CRAZY blue - oh how I love her!!)
(ABOVE: My Little Charlotte riding her very 1st Carousel @ Chuck E Cheese - looking at her self in the mirror was the highlight of the ride!!)
(ABOVE: Little Baby Charlotte ~ In PJ's too Big ... now they are too small :0(
I got some pictures emailed to me from Jolene and there is one in particular that almost made me tear up ... is this REALLY my baby? Is this really the baby who was a little more than 6 pounds at a week old? How and Why the heck does time go by without asking us moms if it is okay? Kind of makes me anxious and happy all at the same time ... I am happy that Charlotte is growing up so well and turning in to quite the little 'explorer'. I am happy to watch her face light up whenever her sister walks in the room. My heart smiles from the inside out when I hear her laugh uncontrolably when Jaden makes a silly face or noise at her. I giggle when I watch her legs go CRAZY when she sees a spoon full of mushy cereal come her way. I laugh out loud when I see her scoot across the living room floor when she is left alone for 5 minutes. But I wish that someone would just 'check with me' first to make sure I remember all these things. Time goes by too fast ... sometimes it is sweet and sometimes it is bittersweet! *sigh* I guess my mood matches the dreay weather outside - which Jaden promptly told my mom this story while on the phone with her -
*Jaden: "Well it rained all day and it sucked even thought the cows near Dani's house (daycare) really need the rain"
*Me: After realizing what she said "Jaden you aren't supposed to say that word - it is like saying SHIT" ... yeah - good lesson MOM - DUH!
*Jaden: "Well the rain did Suck Mom"
How true you are Jaden ... what a horrible example your mom is huh? Well I am off to meet Jason and Jaden at the Orthopedic Surgeon's Office - hoping we will be returning home with NO more cast!!!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte


Leslie said...

REally where THE HECK do the babies go?!!!!! She is just perfect in every way!!!


Rhonda said...

Oh toooooo funny. I believe I've done that a time or two (mostly in the car to the stupid drivers LOL)!!! They are so cute small and bigger!

Kelly said...

I got yelled at by Jenna the other day when I said "Shut up!!" (as in WOW!!) on the phone the other day. She made me look her in the eyes and apologize. GEE WHIZ KID!!

I cannot believe our babies are 5 months old now!!! Where has the time gone? I guess we are just lucky that we are documenting everything on the blogs (well...almost everything...I've been a real slacker lately but actually got caught yesterday). I plan on printing these out into a book someday! What a keepsake! I'm NOT a scrapbooker so this is perfect!!

Ok...I'm rambling. Hope both the rain and Jaden's cast are gone!


Pineapple Princess said...

She is PERFECT! Don't you wish you could freeze them at this age?!!

GodseySix said...

They DO grow up too quickly. *sniffle* WAY too quicklly. Your girls are beautiful! And those blue eyes are captivating for sure! :)

Megan said...

You are so right, they grow too fast! My Charlotte was really sick this past week and while rocking her late at night I realized how long it had been since I had done that... I really missed it :-(

Don't worry about being a good example there isn't a day that goes by that Lily doesn't remind me that I have said a 'naughty' word! LOL