Monday, May 18, 2009

Where Does The Time Go ...

(ABOVE: left - Jaden and Charlotte in January, right - Jaden and Charlotte in May!)
(ABOVE: My Two Girls - my how time flies by!)
(ABOVE: Jaden and Charlotte - I can NOT believe how little Miss Charlotte is here - kind of makes me sad!)

(ABOVE: Jaden's 1st Grade Concert)
Just thought I would pop in and post this picture from the weekend and some video from Jaden's Choir Concert Friday! I took this picture of my girls on Saturday and was shocked when I went back and looked at the previous photo that my niece took in mid January. I can not believe how different Charlotte looks - where does the time go? I honestly don't even remember her being this little - was she this little? I only recognize her as she is today - not how she was when she was 'Fresh' ... she is so teeny and looks so fragile ... nothing like she is now! A bouncing babbling and drooling baby full of smiles and giggles! I love every stage and found myself looking back through all her pictures thus far and she sure has changed!! How blessed am I! What do you think about the change ... crazy!!
I also posted a video from Jaden's concert - she had a fun time and it was so fun to watch them sing Mother Goose Songs! Jason's mom met us at the school and we enjoyed the 45 minute show and then went to her classroom to have a snack and look through her progress books ... boy Jaden sure has learned a TON in 8 months!!! I am so proud of her - she has come a long way all around but mostly in her reading - Jason and I couldn't be more proud at what she's accomplished!! After the concert we picked up Charlotte and headed home for dinner. Carol had to work Friday night but got a call that allowed her to come in late - which then turned into the night off so she stayed until about 9:30 which was a nice visit. Saturday we took Jaden to swimming to try out the cast and she did well so we decided she can finish out the next 3 weeks. We then ran some errands and Jason hung some loft style shelves in the garage. Sunday Jason mowed the lawn and vacuumed the pool while the girls and I headed to Wal Mart for some more flowers. Then Jaden wanted to try out the pool - yeah - who are her parents anyhow? She did get in - it was only 72 in the pool - she did swim for a half hour - she is CRAZY! Then we planted flowers and hung out with the neighbors before heading in for dinner and baths! It was a beautiful weekend! Today and tomorrow are supposed to be 85 so we are super excited to finally have warm weather! Tomorrow is Jaden's Track and Field Day at school so that will be a blast! Friday I am off from work to clean the house to get ready for our party Saturday. I also have a TON of grocery shopping to get done too and lunch with Jolene as well. Saturday Jaden has swimming at 11:30 and then we have a surprise 40th party for Jason's cousins husband at 2:00 and our party starts at 3:30 so we are BEYOND busy Saturday. Sunday will be recovery day and Monday is my God Daughter Katie's 2nd Birthday! So before you know it the weekend will be here! Can't wait!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far ...
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Kristen said...

Seriously where does the time go?

Leslie said...

Time is just mean!!!! I look at pics like that too..*tears*


Rhonda said...

Oh my gosh, they are so incredibly gorgeous and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. It's amazing when you look at those "little" pictures *sigh*
CUte cute cute video

Terri said...

Enjoy every minute with those beautiful girls! They grow up so fast!
Have you heard that song "cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman? Your pics reminded me of that song!