Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WAY Back Wednesday ... 11 years to be exact!

(ABOVE: Jason and I in 2008 - we are a little bit older now - 35 and 31!)
(ABOVE: Jason and I in 1998 - He is 25 in this picture and I am 21 - Holy Cow)
Well I thought I would try this out – I seem to run in to this fun Wednesday Posts on a lot of my favorite sites – it is called “Way Back Wednesday”. This week is pretty fitting for way back … you see, it was 11 years ago May 18th that I took the plunge and moved 1200 miles away from everything familiar. Yup – that is when Jason flew out to NY to pick me up and bring me to MN. It was the most thrilling and exciting time of my life – to up and leave everything that I knew – it wasn’t the best decision of my life ALL the time but I have to say – 11 years later Jason and I have a stronger relationship than I ever imagined. It is still beyond the hardest thing I have ever done – having a family of my own makes it even harder to be so far away from family. I have to say – I have met so many wonderful people here in MN and have some of the best friends I could have ever prayed for (ahem – Jolene!) It is hard to raise my two children being so far away from my family – hard to know if I am doing it the ‘right’ way or not but after being a mom for 7 years I am confident that I am raising Jaden pretty well, and I have Jason to thank for that. Having my MN family here is an immense help in so many ways and I am eternally grateful that Jaden and Charlotte have a Grandma who adores them to pieces. I think we've done a great job … I am glad we dialed on to the internet WAY BACK in 1997 and found each other. I can not imagine my life without him in it!
So enjoy my “Way Back Wednesday” picture … this is Jason and I back in June 1998 – we were at his sister’s college graduation party where I first met her. We look so young and goofy – Jason is so skinny and I, well I am so not skinny … I will post a recent photo of the two of us we had taken at my cousins wedding in August … WOW what a difference a year – or eleven make!
Have a great day – I am off to Jaden’s Track and Field Day in a few hours … it is supposed to be 94 out today after a RECORD BREAKING high of 97 yesterday! Holy Hannah Summer jumped right in!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Leslie said...

Oh these are great pics!!! ken and i have been together over 7 years and the before and after pics are fun!

Happy 11 years and may you have 111 more!


Rhonda said...

ahhh, that is so great. Happy "meeting" day!

Megan said...

I love now and then pics! It is fun to see how we change!

Anonymous said...

OMG Honey - 11 years ago - it seems like an eternity - although I miss you terribly and would love to be able to see you and your wonderful family on a weekly basis, your decision to move to MN was right for you at that time - and I believe still right for you. I am not sure (job wise) you would be as successful as you are today - upstate NY is limited - but hey.... you never know. If you want to try us out come back east, you will save a lot of money on baby sitters. Great pictures - love you and miss you more. Mom

Trudy said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, I'm in MN too...hope you're loving the beautiful weather this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl..I have been thinking about you!! How is everything there?? Charlotte is getting so big, I cant get over how fast she is growing!!! I bet Jaden is loving her so much....((HUGS))
Love, Marci