Monday, April 27, 2009

We're here ... how about some photos ...

(ABOVE: Jaden with our neighbor Christina - on our way to the park!)
(ABOVE: Jaden diong her favorite thing at the park - swinging, and then jumping off in midair!)
(ABOVE: Jaden at Hannah's Birthay Party!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte ~ Enjoying the NEW VIEW front a staningd position in her exersaucer!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte ~ Enjoying (somewhat) her 1st taste of cereal)
(ABOVE: My BIG BLUE EYED Baby with my Birthday Flowers from Jason!

Just wanted to pop in and post some new pictures from our weekend! We had a busy one once again ... Friday all of us were home and we LOVED the 85 degree weather! WHOO HOO! Sadly - it did not last since today is 49 ... UGH! But we had a nice time. Jaden, Charlotte and I did a ton of errand running and garage saling. It was fun! Jason headed out bright and early to get his muffler fixed on his car (chaching) ... UGH! Jaden woke me up at 6:45 Fri morning to tell me she flung a wood tick off her shoulder and it was somewhere in the BROWN carpet. I flung out of bed wearing PJ's and no glasses to try and find a tiny spec of a BROWN wood tick - it took about 5 minutes but we found it and flushed it ... needless to say we were both awake for the day! Double UGH! Friday night we had friends over but Charlotte was feeling crummy ... we started cereal and it has wreaked havoc on her tummy so we stopped it until we see the Dr Friday for her 4 moht checkup ... I think she may need a little more time. She is better now and finally went potty - WHOO HOO! Saturday Jaden had swimming and Jason headed to Albert Lea for Trevor's B-day. The girls and I decided to stay home ... we had a fun night doing crafts, ordering pizza and Bedtime Stories on Pay per View ... it was a good night. Sunday we spent the day chasing the ducks out of the pool and watching the rain pour down. And now - well it is Monday! I figured since I am a HORRIBLE blog visitor these days I would pop on and post some new photos ... we have a busy week at work - it has been beyond busy ... no compaints here! But it does seem to 'cut' into my blogging time - lol! Tomorrow I am leaving early to meet the Furnace Company at the house ... yeah - our house is 27 years old and has all it's original parts ... the furndace, AC and hot water heater are ALL about to kick the bucket ... CHA CHING-CHA CHING-CHA CHING ... yeah, that will be a not so pretty penny or two! Hope you all have a great week everyone and I PROMISE to visit you all tomorrow!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Leslie said...

ewww yeah my boys used to always bring home ticks after playing in the woods! YUCK!

Love the new pic from this weekend..the weather rocked in ohio 85 for 4 days we got spoiled..going to rain and be in 60s for the rest of the week..thats that AMAZING for ohio! lol

hugs and love,leslie

Kristen said...

LOVE the pictures from this weekend! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the weather, it was warm here in MA this weekend to!

I can't believe Charlotte is getting so big! The exersaucer and cereal..where does the time go!?

Grace had a hard time with cereal to, and oatmeal, and greenbeans, and disposable Grace is very sensitive and is allergic to EVERY thing! But we just skipped the cereal all together and do fruits and veggies and she does fine with them.

Here's hoping you have another good weekend!

Breanna said...

OMG those pictures are too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the video, wish I was a little bar of soap so I can soften up that cutie. Jaden's singing was priceless.

love ya, mom