Friday, April 24, 2009


(ABOVE: Me and my Baby#1 ~ Jaden)
(ABOVE: Me and my Baby#2 ~ Charlotte)
It's Friday ... supposed to be sunny and 80 ... I am OFF today ... Jaden is off also so I am home with my girls ... Jason ALSO took the day off - needed to get work done on his car ... then he is opening the pool, I am spending the day grocery shopping, visiting Jolene at work and hanging with some friends tonight! GREAT DAY! And it is FFF time - this week's theme is ME ... stop by Sarah's site to see lots more photos of the MOMS that do all the blogging!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Beck said...

Hi friend! I tagged you on my blog this morning so go check it out and play along if you'd like (: Have a GREAT weekend! YAY for warmer weather! Speaking of the weather California is having a Bi-Polar Spring. It was over 100 degrees Monday and only 65 degrees yesterday!? What the heck? Can't make up it's mind. Atleast it's not -12 like back where you are right? HA, ttyl

Leslie said...

I love your beautiful mommy and me pics!!! Its going to be 80s all weekend here in ohio..WHOOOTTTT....


Anonymous said...

Loved all the pics of you guys!!! How is life up there,, how is the weather? Love, Marci

Lund7 said...

So that is what you look like! Now if we ever get together I will be able to spot you in a crowd! Still want you to make a nightlight for us!!