Friday, April 03, 2009

FFF - The Beach

(ABOVE: Jaden ~ Well her head at least ~ Gulf of Mexico; Tampa, FL ~ 2007)
(ABOVE: Jaden and her cowgirl hat ~ 5 years old!)
(ABOVE: Jason and I enjoying the beach ~ Gulf of Mexico; Tampa, FL ~ 2007)

Well - Since Miss Charlotte hasn't made it to the beach yet I will have to post a picture of Jason and I as well as Miss Jaden when we all went to Florida to celebrate Jaden's 5th Birthday ... it was a truly wonderful celebration. My entire family (minus my brother and his family) as well as Jason's family all went with us - we rented a 7 bedroom house with its own pool and had an amazing time ... so here is our Favorite Foto Friday Submission ... oh and since Charlotte isn't in a beach photo yet I thought I would post this video of her doing what she LOVES ... bathtime ... and she's a MANIAC in the tub ... Have a great Friday!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and baby Charlotte


Breanna said...

those pics are too cute!!!

Kristen said...

The picturs are so cute! That bath video is too much! I can't believe how big and chunky she's getting! I'm such a sucker for baby rolls!

Thank you so much for the nice comments yesterday, it's sometimes hard to remember that Mom's need breaks too!

Lund7 said...

Makes we wish I was anywhere but MN right now!

Leslie said...

Love the beach pics and cant wait till you take your new baby MANIAC girl! lol


Kim & Dave said...


Great pics, too!!!

Hannah said...

That first picture of Jaden cracked me up!!

Have a great weekend!

nora said...

Cowgirls in MN? Too cute! Can't wait to see you guys all at the beach! Enjoy your weekend!

Becca said...

Wow - look at those chubby legs move! You are so blessed!

Peace and Hugs,

Melinda said...

Love that first pic!! THe beach is great, isn't it?! Charlotte is getting so big! And boy, does she love her bath!!

Ps-in order to get my pics so big, I have to go in and change the html code.

Justi said...

Very cute!

Kara and Darr said...

Love, love, love Charlotte's thighs. So cute. Not on me though :(
Have a great weekend,

Jennifer said...

Charlotte's legs are to die for!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking at all the pictures makes me miss you guys more and more, did you buy the lotto tickets that can allow us to buy our own plane. These miles suck. love ya Mom