Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank You and a Few Photos ... and a cute contest ...

(ABOVE: Heather getting some Baby Time ... feeding Charlotte at Chuck E Cheeses)
(ABOVE: Me and Katie - my God Daughter - her 1st time at Chuck E Cheeses - she LOVED it!)
(ABOVE: Me and Manda - wearing matching shirts ... and similar hair ... too funny!)
I wanted to thank all of you for your prayers, thoughts and kind comments left regarding my cousin Matt. I truly appreciate all of your prayers ... have I told you lately that you guys are GREAT Blogger Buddies? Well if I haven't let me tell you now that YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks again! I am 'happy' to report that yesterday went as well as it possibly could. The weather fit the mood both in NY and MN yesterday. In NY it snowed and it was cold and in MN it was dreary, grey and misting ... so that didn't help life any spirits but I am sure Matt is laughing at us knowing winter just won't let go of his grip ... I talked to my mom last night and my Aunt and Uncle are doing as well as expected - nobody is prepared to lose a child and it is just wrong to have to suffer through that ... They will need prayers and thoughts until the day they are reunited with their child again ... they will never fully heal ... Their hearts will ache for years to come ... so please pray for their strength ... Thank you!
In spite of the sad news from the last week I am happy to report that my parents are FINALLY arriving here tomorrow at 12:20 - so long as the "Storm of the Century" stays at bay - but then again it snows EVERY time her comes here ... it is almost comical - well, I said almost! I am SO excited for them to finally see the baby and Jaden too! It will be a relief to finally get my mom and dad here ... it has been a long 10 weeks (can you believe Charlotte is 10 weeks old already!) Oh and speaking of Charlotte - she started daycare with Jaden yesterday and had a wonderful day. She hung out, took a few naps, ate and watched all the kids - she wasn't bothered by the crazy noise nor was she bothered by the kids in her face either ... she was EXHAUSTED last night though and was asleep by 10 last night ... and slept until 2:15 ... so her first day was busy and filled ... I know Dani was happy to finally have her at daycare ... who wouldn't right?! Manda was sad though - no baby at home to take care of ... good thing my parents are here tomorrow so Manda was only home alone yesterday and today and since Manda goes back to NY on the 17th when my parents go back she will only have these 2 days to herself ... and speaking of returning to NY - yeah - Jaden will be struggling with that BIG time ... I already started trying to prepare her but the tears started right away and she was down in the dumps ... will be a tough week next week - thank goodness Spring Break is the week of the 23rd that way she can just relax and not have to focus on school work and such! So I guess a few prayers are needed in that area too ... poor kid!
Oh and if you have time - hop on over to this site ... The Mommy In Charge ... she has some great giveaways and this month I entered a contest to win some baby shoes ... I am so excited!! So hop on over and broswe her site ... you will enjoy it!
Well I will let you go for now ... with a few pictures of course - from Chuck E Cheeses Friday - taken by Jolene! Thanks Jo! Have a great week everyone!
Love ~ The Clark Family (plus Manda) ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Leslie said...

we are having such gloomy weather here in ohio too...Im praying for you family and i cant imagine what your aunt and Uncle are going through!!!

Love the new pics!


Lisa and Madeline said...

Hello! Just stopping by to check on one of my favorite bloggers and to get caught up on your posts. Everytime I come to my blog and others I realize how much I miss being on here everyday (darn facebook) Anyhow I am so sorry about your cousin. I saw your status on FB. So sad. I am praying your family and his family and fiance'.
WOW, Jaden 7 years old. Time sure does fly. Madeline will be turning 6 March 19th. We are heading to Chicago and American Girl for her birthday. She is so excited. I loved watching the video of Jaden getting her Hamster. Its also neat to see you all talking and moving after just seeing you in pictures for so long. I wish I could upload video too, but have an old caerma thats just tapes.
I havent taken many pictures lately. Life is so busy here. I know I will take many many this weekend in Chicago.
OH, I wanted to mention I am sorry I never sent the little gift, but still plan on doing so. I see it almost everyday and remember I need to mail it off. I have not forgoteen. I bought it just for Charlotte!
Better go. I am going to try and post something today of some-sort:)
Love from Louisville
Lisa & Madeline

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and keeping you all in my prayers..I didnt get the post about Matt, but I am so sorry...Things are busy and we might be moving closer to you, IOWA!!!

Love, Marci