Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now THIS is a Long Awaited 'PICTURE OF THE DAY ...

(ABOVE: Charlotte with Nanny and Poppy!)
Happy Thursday all! Well I wanted to hop on here quick (I am SO swamped at work) mom and dad arrived safe and sound yesterday around 2:00 ... it is so nice to finally have them out here - been WAY TOO LONG ... wish we were closer ... after Manda, Charlotte and I picked them up we drove to pick Jaden up from school - she was thrilled to see Nan and Pop and the smile is plastered to her face. Charlotte performed on cue with her non-stop cuteness ... the smiles were abound yesterday for Nan and Pop and it was fun to watch. Today Charlotte is home with them until around noon and they will take her to daycare (reluctantly) and head to the Casino a few miles from our house. Jaden is in school today but hopefully only will be there for a half day tomorrow ... I hope her spelling and math tests are in the morning so we can pick her up right after lunch ... here's hoping ... I am off tomorrow - we have lots to do for the Birthday Party Saturday ... we have to bake cupcakes and cakes ... pick up party supplies and just hang out in general ... it is FREEZING here again (MINUS 3) at the bus stop this morning but it is 'supposed' to be 45 on Saturday and Sunday and 50's next week! YIPPIE!
Well I thought I would post one of Manda's 'Picture of the Day' photos ... and this one has been a LONG time coming and I love it - really no words are needed ...
Have a wonderful day!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four (plus Manda, Nan and Pop!) ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Leslie said...

awwww great pic!!!


Kristen said...

What a great picture! Enjoy your weekend!