Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OK - A Day Late ... But Here Are Some Pictures ...

(ABOVE: Jaden and her friends eating some pizza at the party!)
(ABOVE: Pop and Jaden doing some arts and crafts together ...)
(ABOVE: Jaden and Manda)
(ABOVE: Charlotte and her chicken legs - Open the Pool already!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte wearing her new Easter Dress from Nan and Pop)
(ABOVE: Pop with Charlotte and Jaden!)
(ABOVE: Nanny and Charlotte catching some ZZZZZ's)
(ABOVE: The Gang's All Here - Pop, Nan, Jaden and Manda!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte and Pop having a little talk in the morning!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte and Poppy - she's wearing the bathing suit he bought her ... a strawberry suit!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte meeting Nan and Pop for the 1st time at the airport!)
(ABOVE: Jaden riding her new Big Girl Bike from Nanny and Poppy!)
(ABOVE: Jaden with her friend Kya at her Birthday Party!)
(ABOVE: Jaden and her Birthday Cake Manda made for her - it turned out great - see Jaden's PINK hair?)
(ABOVE: Nanny and Charlotte - she's wearing her "Nan's Little Sweetie T-Shirt")


Kristen said...

It looks like you guys all had a great weekend. Sorry they all had to go home :(

That bathing suit is adorable, I actually let out a squeal when I saw it!

And I think Manda looks so much like you!

Megan said...

What a nice time!! I too LOVE the bathing suit!

Anonymous said...

Hi there baby girl, I miss you guys already, it was hard not seeing those smiling faces this morning, but......... we will look forward to the next time. Remember, whoever wins the lotter first buys the airplane. Love ya Mom

Anonymous said...

The pics were so adorable...Charlotte and Jaden look so much alike...it is so adorable.....Hope all is well with you Rebekah...Love, Marci