Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Sunday ... How About Some More Photos ... And Some Ranbling ...

(ABOVE: Charlotte "seeing" Jolene for the first time ... Jo finally got to see her with her eyes OPEN! See her turtle shirt from nanny and poppy? And see that double chin and rolls on her arms? Yup, she likes to eat!)
(ABOVE: "Ahoy Mateys" ... a camera blooper too funny to erase!)
(ABOVE: Her shirt says it all "Perfect, just like mommy!")
(ABOVE: A rare photo these days - Charlotte and I!)
(ABOVE: This is "Tummy Time" ... she loves being able to eat her fists!)
(ABOVE: Have you seen a sister more proud to be 'just' a sister? Jaden adores this little baby!)
(ABOVE: My very own Dr. McDreamy - Dr. Wesly delivered Charlotte! He is wonderful and I will miss seeing him every week!)
Hey everyone! I everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Ours has been nice - for many reasons but to top it all off yesterday is was 40 degrees ABOVE zero outside! It felt so nice and refreshing - it felt like spring ... then we realized it is only the end of January and we will be thrown back into the abyss of winter in the blink of an eye - which we will - on Tuesday when the high is 15 and the low is NEGATIVE 5! But yesterday was beautiful outside! What did we do you may ask. Well Jaden had her swimming lessons and is doing so great! She is a natural and seems to do her lesson without much effort! We are so proud of her. After swimming we headed grocery shopping for the dreaded "FULL LOAD' - which we haven't done since the middle of December so needless to say we were in desperate need of some food in this house! Fast forward 2 hours and 400 bucks and we headed home - now we're good for the whole month - which makes this person (who seriously hates to shop) a very happy person. After we got the "FULL LOAD" put away we dropped Jaden off and her friend Savannah's house for an 8th birthday sleepover. They had a good time Heather said and Jaden was perfect (they always are at other people's houses aren't they?) Last night I made chicken fajitas and planned to sit down with a glass of wine and watch a movie with Jason and Manda - but what really happened was I ate fajitas, had 2 glasses of wine and was fast alseep with remote in hand by 8:30 ... I guess I was tired. What made it even nicer was that when the baby woke up to eat at 10 and at 1 Jason was still awake so he fed Charlotte both times - I got up at 4:30 with her but if you add it up I slept from 8:30 - 4:30 with minimal interruption ... that's 8 HOURS! Been a while since that has happened!! Thanks honey!!
How about some Charlotte news - well aside from her getting big and chubby she has a new nickname from mom - it is simply 'BOB' ... for Bobble Head ... she is so strong with her head that is shocks me. She hlds it up for so long but when her neck gets tired she bobs is like she's head banging - hence the name Bob ... I am sure that nickname won't stick!!! She is still my little turtle though. My mom even found the cutest T-shirt with a turtle on it!! Speaking of my mom, she is still smoke free as of today and I have to say I am BEYOND proud of her. She has been a smoker for well over 50 years (even though she's only 29) and I can not imagine how hard it is to stop smoking. So if you can all just say a prayer for her I would truly appreciate it ... she can use all the help she can get!! Other than that not too much is going on here. This is my last 'official' week of maternity leave which has me quite sad but I will soak in every minute I can with Charlotte ... I am thankful that she is staying home with Amanda for the next 4 weeks - that makes me a little more at ease. It was SO hard to drop Jaden off at daycare when she was weeks and so small! At least Charlotte gets 4 more extra weeks of one on one cuddling!!! That eases this mommas heart a little ... and I am also a bit anxious to get back to work. It has been a long time and with the economy the way it is the industry I work in is directly affected by the houses market so I have felt too detatched to be gone this long. I am happy to report that there is still plenty of Bridge Designing for me to do once I return which also eased my mind ... Well enough rambling from me ... how about some new photos of my girls? Have a great rest of the weekend!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four (plus Manda) ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Leslie said...

OHHH very nice to have a cute Dr...Makes the visit less of a pain!!! LOL
Did you ever see the movie Waitress? IF not rent it!! CUTE!

Love all the pics of your sweet girls!


Kristen said...

Your little girls are getting SO big!

Enjoy your last week of maternity leave!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is growing so fast!!! I cant believe how big she is...How is Mommy doing though?? We have tons to catch up on!

Love, Marci

Anonymous said...

hi bee
how are all my girlfriends doing. i can,t wate to see you all
and hold that little girl.
i must say she looks a little like me. well i just want to say i love you and have a nice day.