Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Favorite FOTOS Tuesday for a change ... FOUR Weeks ... That's Almost A Month Already ...

(ABOVE: Charlotte is 4 Weeks Old Already!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte - NOT happy after her bath tonight ... burr cold!)
(ABOVE: Saved by Daddy - Charlotte all snuggled up and warm after bath time)
(ABOVE: Charlotte shows your can "ROCK ON" at any age ... Daddy is SO proud!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte showing everyone how HARD it is being a baby!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte snuggling with Amanda!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte listening to Great Uncle Dale tell some stories!)
(ABOVE: Jaden saying "PEACE OUT" while Great Uncle Dale sits with Charlotte!)
Hello all! I hope everyone who reads this had a wonderful weekend ... ours was uneventful and fun all at the same time ... Saturday my niece Amanda and I decided to paint Jaden's old bedroom downstairs since we had bedroom furniture being delivered by my sister in law on Sunday. Jaden's old room was bright pink and purple with splashes of Princess spewed throughout the room. Well now it is a nice shade of chocolate brown and light green. It turned out so nice and I am relieved to have a guest bedroom that isn't like sleeping inside an easter egg. Sunday we headed to Jason's Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dale's house to celebrate a belated Christmas and so everyone could love on the baby of course. Jaden enjoyed playing with cousin Melissa as always and used her as a jungle gym the whole time. They of course loved the baby and Charlotte was spoiled BIG TIME ... she did NOT want to be put down for the next 24 hours which reaked havoc on her bedtime 'ritual' ... but that was fine with us since she is so easy to hug and hold all day anyhow ... today she is back on schedule ... the lots of loving didn't screw up her bedtime sleeping arrangement though and I am proud to say she is still sleeping in her crib at night time. She heads to bed around 10:30 and wakes every 3 hours to eat ... then heads back to sleep. My goal this week is to change her bedtime to 8:00 so we can start getting her on a more work type schedule since I head back to work on February 9th! I can't believe that my maternity leave is almost up already - I said it before but 6 weeks of pregnancy went by MUCH MUCH slower than 6 weeks of leave ... I will miss my Sweet Little Charlotte but she is in good hands with Manda and then Danyelle ... I will be able to get to work early and leave by 3:00 which means I will be home early enough to spend a lot of time with both my girls!!! So it should be trauma free - at least for the baby ... maybe not for me :0) ... Speaking of the baby can you believe she is 4 weeks old already - she will be one whole month old on Thursday! That to me is crazy ... she has changed so much already but she is still a peanut ... she is weighing in at 7.5 pounds and has grown a 1/2 inch to 20 inches long. She goes to the Dr on the 25th for her shots and a checkup ... poor baby! She is also starting to be awake a lot more and is staring and trying to figure out her world around her - she found the blinking Christmas lights we still had up and is mesmerized by them for hours - they might be up until the summer time! She also enjoys tummy time - which Jaden hated - and she can fall alseep pretty much anywhere and at anytime ... she prefers being on your shoulder though ... oh and bath time is no longer traumatic - she enjoys it very much and really likes the night time lavendar baby wash which does knock her out within 5 minutes or so. She is still only eating 3 ounces at a time every 3 hours even though she'd like to eat more her tummy would like more she tends to spew it all over if she over fills her tummy ... sometimes it comes out of her nose which is sad but she could care less ... so all in all she is growing and changing so much already. I look forward to the smiley days and belly laughs but I am still in love with the cuddle times ...
Jaden is doing well also - she got her Mid-Trimester report and she is doing so well in everything ... she needs a bit more practice with her reading but she is getting stronger and stonger the teacher says ... I am very proud at how far she's come ... she started spelling tests 2 weeks ago and has had 2 already - she got a 10/10 and a 9/10 on the 2 tests and I was so happy for her ... the pride on her face is priceless! Her swimming lessons are going well and she loves them. The teacher is pretty impressed as well and told Jaden she doesn't swim she glides in the water - I think we've found her niche ... and Jason can't wipe the pride off his face when he watches her! This weekend she has a sleepover party for Savannah and the rest of us are heading to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner afterwards ... other than that another uneventful weekend - which works out fine for us ... well sometimes! Oh and for those of you wondering - my mom is home safe and sound and recovering from both 'procedures' fine. She is smoke free still - which is WONDERFUL - way to go mom ... I am SO proud of you ... and she is feeling wonderful ... here is hoping she gets the all clear to travel sooner than we think ... but until then - since she reads this - here are some more pictures mom!

Love ~ The Clark Family of Four (plus Manda) ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Charlotte!


Leslie said...

wow she is just sooooo cute!!! I cant believe how different they look from the time you bring them home and just weeks later!!! Pretty as can be!


Kristen said...

Has it really been 4 weeks already?! Man, everyone always says they grow up so fast, I just never knew it was this fast!

Both girls look beautiful as always!

Glad to hear your mom is doing well!

I hope you're doing well and healing fine!

P.S. I'm so jealous of your good sleeper! We're still struggling and me with mastitis and Grace with a killer cold is not helping!

Anonymous said...

So fun to "meet" you! :) I love what you wrote for your blogging header - so true, so true.

Great family pics - looks like an adorable group :)

Anonymous said...

Hi honey, oh she is growing way too fast. I want to hold her and love her, all my "special" girls.

I am feeling good, can't believe how hard this smoking thing is, after all I have been smoking over 50 years. keep plugging for me.

love ya

Kelly said...

Good to hear all is well in your world! Thanks so much for the kind words on our blog. We are ALL doing much better but yes, it was much harder on us than it was on Ryan!

Stay warm!

Kim & Dave said...

Wow!! The time does fly!!

They are both precious!

Hannah said...

She is getting big so fast! Both girls are always adorable!! Way to go Jaden!! I am glad she is doing so well in school and with swimming. Dmitry used to take swimming, it is such a great sport for kids!

vaneblu said...

you are blessed with 2 beautiful baby girls!
Charlotte is precious!

Rhonda said...

What a beautiful family you have. I enjoyed reading all about them.