Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ok, Ok ... Just Some Photos ... and a little blabbing ...

(ABOVE: THIS IS JADEN - wanted to see if you all think they look alike or not!!! I thought so at first but not so much now!)
(ABOVE: Mommy's Little Turtle - when I look at her and see her pursed lips and wrinkled forehead it reminds me of a turtle ... so that is her nickname from me ... she is daddy's Little Peanut though ... no matter the nickname ... she is beautiful!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte and the best Big Sister around ... Jaden is amazing with her and is so proud!!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte in her bed at home ... and look, she found her fingers!!)
(ABOVE: We're headed home ... in our Elmer Fudd hat and all!)
(ABOVE: Jolene, Charlotte and me ...)
(ABOVE: Charlotte - with all her security tags on ... 1 whole day old already!)
Happy 2009 Everyone! I hope this finds you all safe, sound and warm ... it is a whopping Negative 3 here this morning with a 'brisk' wind chill of Negative 19 ... so here's hoping we can 'warm' up to somewhere above the ZERO mark today!!! I figured I would hop on here and post some photos since that is all that people want to see now right? Well I figured I would also update on Charlotte's first (almost) week ... she is still sleeping ALL day long ... pretty much right up until 11:00 and then her teeny eyes POP open and stay open all night long! It is too funny how she manages to have that internal clock - though backwards - in her body already! She doesn't wake up to eat much during the day since she is sleeping and impossible to wake up ... but once night rolls around she is awake and hungry ... we switched her formula to Carnation Good Start - which is what Jaden drank - and the spitting up has stopped drastically ... she till spits up but not every time out of her nose - which is nice for her ... she is eating about 7-8 ounces of formula a day - about 1.5 ounces each time she eats if she can 'manage' to keep her eyes open long enough!! But all in all she is as perfect as can be ... tiny still at about 6 pounds 9 ounces ... and we had NO newborn clothes since Jaden was almost 10 pounds I never thought of getting any ... so we've been shopping already for some tiny clothes for her to wear ... lots of fleece of course with the weather being so darn nice here! We are adjusting to the noises she makes and trying to figure this all out again - it's been a while! In the mean time Jaden heads back to school tomorrow :0( and Jason heads back to work :0( ... so tomorrow is my first day home alone ... should be fun! Tuesday my Mother In Law is coming up and staying until Wednesday and Wednesday Charlotte has a Dr's appointment ... My sister Nicole is flying in on January 14th and staying until the 19th so we are all excited to see her ... it should be a fun month off - and WHO in their right mind doesn't want the month of Januy off when you live in Minnesota!!! No driving in the snow and no leaving the house in Subzero temperatures ... so that - in a nut shell - is our week so far ... oh and one more thing - yesterday I put on jeans that had a button and a zipper ... and they are my size 14's and they zipped, snapped and when I sit down I could breath!!! Whoo - it'sbeen a while! So until next time ... thank you to EVERYONE who as visited and all the great messages - I promise to get back into the swing and visit all of you soon!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Jason, Rebekah, Jaden and Charlotte


Leslie said...

Your girls are soooooo beautiful!!!! Jaden is beaming in the pic with her baby sister!!!

Keep warm and enjoy your babies!


Kristen said...

Both your babies are beautiful!

The picture with her fingers in her mouth is just too cute!

Congrats on getting back into your jeans, what a great feeling that is!

Keep warm!

Beck said...

Love the beautiful pictures of your sweet family. So happy for your new addition (:

Kelly said...

The baby is gorgeous! Congratulations again!! I'm very jealous that you can already put your old jeans on!!!

Try to stay warm! It's in the 50's here in California and I'm freezing...I can't even imagine dealing with your weather!

Anonymous said...

She is so precious!!! I bet life couldnt be any sweeter for you..You are always in my thoughts and prayers...I changed the name of my blog but I am sure you can still get to it..

Love, Marci

Megan said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Jaden looks so happy! Big Sisters do rock!

Keep warm!!

Anonymous said...

omggg Rebekah she is beautiful and Jaden you are too and good job on being a big sissy remember she will look up to you. I think she looks like Jaden. CONGRATS on the weight loss before you know it you will be back to prebaby weight. Have a good night