Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now some more photos ...

(ABOVE: And just because whining doesn't seem to do this justice ... here is the weather bug for MN this morning ... see that -27.0 and if you look REALLY close you can see the -41 winchill - ICK!)

(ABOVE: Charlotte's new 'Big Girl' Outfit ... from Aunt Niki of course!)

(ABOVE: Charlotte wearing the new hat Aunt Niki bought her ... )

(ABOVE: This is Jaden's face when she first saw Amanda in the back seat of the car today!)

(ABOVE: Jaden (on the phone with Nanny) and Amanda after school today!)

(ABOVE: Charlotte saying "PEACE OUT" and stay warm everyone!)
Happy Thursday all! Just thought I would do another post - that is 3 in one week! I am happyto report tha my sister Niki and my niece Amanda arrived safe and sound to the Frozen Midwest we call Minnesota!!! Today has been nothing short of freezing ... when I got up this morning the temperature outside was NEGATIVE 27 and the windchill was a NEGATIVE 41!!! UGH! I seriously am 'done' with this crappy weather ... in fact Jaden's school had a 2 hour delay due to the cold ... she would have preferred to stay warm in cozy in her bed she said! After dropping Jaden off at the bus we headed to the airport to get Amanda and then we had lunch and went shopping at Babies R Us ... Jaden had NO idea Amanda was coming so when it was time for me to pick Jaden up from school Manda hid in the very rear of the car with the camera. When Jaden got in the car Aunt Niki told her there was a suprise in the back - when Jaden looked and saw Manda she was shocked and the smile has yet to leave her face since!!! So now we are hanging out at home - trying to stay warm. Tomorrow Jason and I have a date with steak and lobster at Mortons in Minneapolis while Niki and Manda watch the girls. Manda is so excited to know that Manda is here at least until her birthday - maybe longer we're not sure yet ... but at least for the next 7 weeks! It will be a wonderful time for them to bond and grow even closer and I am excited to have Manda here too! Not to mention we have a free babysitter living with us for the next 7 weeks!!! YIPPIE! So here are some photos and the video I tried to upload yesterday!! And some pictures of Charlotte and her new hat and clothes Aunt Niki bought her ... Aunt Niki LOVES to buy hats! This one is cute too ... Hope you are all staying warm and fuzzy - is there an end in sight for this Arctic Blast? Well it is supposed to be 30 here Sunday ... we'll all be wearing shorts since it will be almost 60 degrees warmer than today!!! have a great rest of the week and see you for FFF!

Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Charlotte!


Kristen said...

Oh my god! I love that's just too cute! And Jaden's face is priceless in that picture! I hope your staying warm!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebekah i am so glad to hear that your family is there with you guys wow 7 weeks is a long time how cool is that??!!!?? I love the outfit on baby girl and that pict of Jaden is PRICELESS!!! Stay warm you know you i would love to have company here in TX where it is not warm but much much warmer then there!!!! Have a good weekend and cant wait to see more pics :)

Anonymous said...

i cant find the videos help me out please

Leslie said...

The look on Jadens face is toooo cute!!! IM sure she is sooo happy!!

OMG we are wimps here it was 4 degrees here in ohio and the kids didnt have school..YOu guys are tough!!!LOL
Im sick of it too!!!

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