Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HaPpY 36tH bIrThDaY Jason ... We Love You

(ABOVE: Charlotte had a blast in her crib exploring new friends - she was in there for 15 minutes just staring and grunting at these puppy dogs! I video taped her for my parents - it is at the bottom of the page!)
(ABOVE: Daddy with his two little ladies!)
(ABOVE: Daddy on his birthday with his girls - and wife ... we framed & matted up the hospital pictures of Charlotte and Jaden with Charlotte and gave them to Jason for his birthday - he loved them and they're already hung in the upstairs hallway!)
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ (ABOVE: Mommy and her Turtle)
(ABOVE: Charlotte - sleeping through Jaden's last class!)
(ABOVE: Best Friends - Hannah & Jaden)
(ABOVE: Jaden getting her medal and certificate at her gymnastics show)
(ABOVE: Jaden doing a belly roll on the uneven bars)
(ABOVE: Jaden doing her handstand during her tumbling routine)
(ABOVE: Jaden practicing her bridge during the tumbling routine)
Just wanted to pop in quick and wish my husband a Very Happy 36th Birthday! You are the love of my life and the most amazing father and husband I could have ever hoped for ... thank you for the life we have and thank you for choosing me ... and most of all - Thank You for our Two Beautiful Girls ... I can not imagine our lives being any other way! Happy Birthday ... enjoy your Jimmy John's and Pistachio Cake dessert (courtesy of your mom of course)!
On another note - my sister Niki (a.k.a. BABY HOG) is slated to arrive at 11:40 - that is in a little over an hour ... Miss Jaden is at school eagerly anticipating the end of the day bell and Miss Charlotte is bathed and smelling yummy and wrapped in lots of fleece to head to the airport ... I am excited and so is Jaden - now if Jaden only knew that her favorite most perfect cousin in the WHOLE world is arriving tomorrow she wouldn't be able to contain herself!!! So off we go - and of course a few pictures from Jaden's gymnastics show as well ... she did wonderful and we are sad it was our last class but Jaden decided that she wants to try swimming for this semester ... and she is an amazing swimmer ... well have a warm and fuzzy day! Right now my weather alert is flashing a -7 and shows the wind chill is -27 ... so we will try to stay as warm as possible - is it possible to get warm when it is this cold? Wish us luck and have a wonderful week!
Happy Birthday Jason! I LOVE YOU!
Love ~ The Clark GIRLS ~ Rebekah, Jaden and Charlotte!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Jason! Minus 7 is tooo freakin cold but our weather is calling for minus 5 or some craziness...sending warm and beachy thoughts to you guys!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Jason! What a great little gymnast you have! Stay warm!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!

congrats to Jaden ouch that looks painful! lol

Have fun with your sis and STAY warm its 10 here in ohio!! BRRRRRRRR


Beck said...

Happy Birthday to your man! Hope you four all have a great day! Send me your email address so I can write you something. Mine is email me and I will respond. Hope you have a GREAT day trying to stay warm, LOL. Not to be a b*tch but it is 70 here today (: Gotta love Southern CA! Just teasing.

Anonymous said...


Love the pictures Beck, she is too darn cute. Can't wait until I can get out there and hug all my Minnesota girls. Nikki is probably kissing Charlotte's face right now. Would love to see the look on Jaden's face when she sees Amanada tomorrow.

love you guys - Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday to my son! Hope you have a great visit with Niki! Hello to all. Love you.....Minneosta Mom

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Jason! I am sure that it was a great day with all of your ladies! As for the temp... ummm yeah that is COLD! We are about 30 today in Maryland. Keep warm!