Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Little Late (FFT) - First Snow not HO HO HO ... and some blabbing ...

(ABOVE: Me and my Goddaughter Katie Grace ~ cute, even with chips in her mouth)
(ABOVE: Jaden - waiting for the 7th snowfall, which we've had PLENTY of but it is too darn cold to go out and enjoy it ~ almost 7 years old)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 6th snowfall - sledding with Hannah ~ almost 6 years old)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 5th snowfall ~ almost 5 years old)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 4th snowfall ~ almost 4 years old)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 3rd snowfall ~ almost 3 years old)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 2nd snowfall ... almost 2 years old)
(ABOVE: Jaden's 1st snowfall ... almost a year old)
Hi everyone! Well it is Tuesday and my FFF post will have to be posted today FFT - I am breaking with the theme since Jaden refused to sit on Santa's lap until 2 years ago. And since it is so cold and snowy here I figured I would so a FFF post of First Snows - Through The Years ... things have been crazy around here now that the house is done and my poor husband is exhausted ... he is a real trooper and after just 4 days he has the house looking like it has always been this way. The house was done Tuesday and we PROMISED Jaden we would move her room Tuesday night but the contractors left Tuesday and informed us that they broke the garage door opener track and Jason would have to get a new part and install it in order for the garage to work on its own ... well since it has snowed here in MN for 15/21 days in December Jason has been wiping off cars, shoveling driveways and moving cars in and out far too many times so he WANTED to use the newly finished and heated garage so he was adamant about fixing the garage door so sadly Jaden's room had to wait just one more day - Jason and Jaden did put the crib together and moved the nursery furniture in just in case my Appt Wednesday pointed towards a delivery ... She did get her bedroom moved upstairs Wednesday and she spent her 1st night in there ... and by today Jason has pretty much everything moved in her room - her desk was moved today and then I spent the afternoon reclaiming my living room from all of Jaden's arts and crafts, coloring books, crayons, glue sticks, stickers etc ... so we (I mean Jason) has been busy. Last night we finished our Christmas Shopping and then headed over to Jeff, Jolene, Hannah and Katie's house to celebrate Christmas with them. The girls exchanged PIXOS with eachother and some more markers and arts and crafts stuff and Katie enjoyed her new shopping cart and baby Elmo doll from Jaden. It was a nice night - we were home and nestled all snug in our beds by 10:30 ... which was nice because with the windchill today it feels like NEGATIVE 29!!!! ICK!
So other than all that listed above we are just sitting and waiting ... Jaden is off for Winter Break until January 5th and Jason is off starting Wednesday. I had an Ultrasound and a Doctors appointment yesterday and all was well. My blood pressure was 150/90 - still high - but our goal was to get this far. I have an early morning appointment Monday and he said the odds are high that he will send me into the hospital and FINALLY we'll come home with a baby! I was already dilated to 2cm and 70% effaced ... hopefully the walking and shopping we did this weekend progressed things a bit ... I will admit now I am getting uncomfortable ... so here's hoping she comes on the 29th ...
I hope you are all staying warm and gearing up for the Holiday Celebrations ... I always miss my family SO SO much more this time of the year and I know they miss us too ~ Living so far away makes things like this so hard ... but we will see them soon - thanks to Charlotte ... I am happy to say we won't be lonesome on Christmas - Adrienne and my mother in law Carol will be arriving and we will celebrate Christmas by making our own pizzas - YUMMY! So here is wishing you all a warm rest of the week and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS ...
Love ~ The Clark Family ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Baby#2 too!


Leslie said...

sounds like you guys are having fun...I hate the cold and snow too!!!! YUCK!

My friend Erin is being induced next monday...I cant wait!!!!

All these new babies for the new year!!!! awwwww


Kristen said...

Yay for snow! We just got hit with a lot of snow here as well.

I can't wait to see pictures of baby Charlotte!

Enjoy your last few days of pregnancy!

Kelly said...

Cute pictures...Merry Christmas! Just wanted to let you know that our little guy arrived late last night. He obviously didn't want to miss out on Christmas! So I'm stuck in the hospital while the rest of the family is out celebrating. But I'm so thrilled that he is here and healthy, content, and beautiful. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holidays!!!