Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FINALLY ... The House Is Done ... and a Doctor's Visit ...

(ABOVE: The entry way with the new stairs)
(ABOVE: The new stairs leading up to the girls bedrooms)
(ABOVE: Charlotte's room after I painted her name above the crib today ... what do you think?)
(ABOVE: FINALLY - the crib was set up by Jaden and Jason ... she finally has a space!)
(ABOVE: The end table and rocking chair in the baby's room - generously 'donated' by Jaden)
(ABOVE: The closet in Charlotte's room - Jason hung a rod in it so I could hang clothes too!)
(ABOVE: Jaden's window - with the curtains she picked out - Jason said it reminds him of a brothel ... hmm, has my husband ever been to a brothel? It is cute though ... and she loved picking stuff out herself)
(ABOVE: A view of the inside of 1/2 of Jaden's closet)
(ABOVE: A view of Jaden's closet in her new room ...)
(ABOVE: Jaden in her new bedroom ... finally)
Well to start the post off I will fill everyone in on my Doctor's appointment today. I am happy to report that Baby#2 decided to flip back to the 'correct' position so she is no longer breach, which for me is a relief ... my blood pressure was 120/88 today (hmm, think it has ANYTHING to do with the fact that the house was finished yesterday?) I did have protein in my urine which he said pointed to dehydration - how that is possible is beyond me ... he also said I am now dilated to 2cm ... so here is to walking and walking and walking. I have another appointment with him on Monday - I am PRAYING that the baby either comes on her own this weekend or waits until after Christmas but she's the one in control right? Other than that I am still pregnant, still on bed rest and feeling fine ... oh and the baby is measuring at 34weeks 4 days and about 5pounds 13 ounces plus or minus a pound so she is a tiny one compared to Big Sister Jaden who was (lbs 9 oz. So we will just have to wait and see ... as far as the house goes - it may have taken MUCH longer than we wanted but we are happy to report that it is finished ... the inspector came today and signed off on the project and the final payment was made ... so see ya contractors ... I spent today decorating the baby's room and painted her name on her wall ... tonight Jason moved Jaden's room all the way up stairs and she had a blast decorating her room ... I will obviously post photos ... so other than the obvious things are going well here ... this weekend we are having a simple Christmas with Jolene, Jeff and the girls' so Jaden is excited for that ... Jaden's School Christmas Party is tomorrow and Friday I am meeting her for lunch ... then she is off from school until January 5th ... holy cow! So onward we trek towards the Holiday and the impending baby arrival ... as long as she's safe, sound and healthy I could truly care less when she gets here (but I refuse to go over my due date - Jaden was born at 42 weeks!!) Hope you're all having a great week ...
Love ~ The Clark Family ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Baby#2 Too!


Leslie said...

OMG i love the rooms ...they are both soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!

Happy to see the house done and baby back to a normal postion!!!


Adrienne said...

LOVE IT!!! The rooms and hallway look great!! Good job on your room Jaden!! Glad Charlotte is back the way she is suppose to be too!

Grandma Carol said...


Kristen said...

The rooms look amazing! Yay to no more contractors! Glad to hear Charlotte is back in position and extra glad to hear your blood pressure! Keep up the good work momma!

Hannah said...

Love the painting you did above the crib...very sweet.

I love Jaden's closet that is pretty cool looking.

Glad you are in the house that is always such a relief!!

Have a great weekend stay warm!

Kelly said...

Both of the rooms are adorable. Love how you painted the baby's name above the crib. So sweet! Glad to hear you are feeling good and that your house is finally done. Take care of yourself!

Megan said...

Ohhh I love it! Everything looks so nice! Keep resting Momma! ;-)

Anonymous said...

omgggg girl the rooms look beautiful!! love the babys name on the wall and her room looks so cute and Jadens room looks soo awesome. I will show cameron as soon as she gets home she is going to be jealous. Glad that the baby turned around. and so glad that you are feeling better. have a wonderful holiday and keep me updated. I so wish we lived closer.

Anonymous said...

I love the new rooms. Looks like everything is ready for Charlotte to arrive and I imagine you are very ready by now. Thinking of you and I pray everything goes smoothly. Let me know if you need me update when Charlotte arrives or anything for you.

Love, Marci

Lisa and Madeline said...

The house looks awesome. You mean no outside pictures??? JK, if you go outside you will be frostbitten!@!!! (saw the previous post) OMG, it is freaking cold there.

Love Love Love the rooms. So cute. I am happy to see she flipped. Wish Madeline would have done the same. Amazing she did so late in the pregnancy. I am happy for you she did. I have been checking here to make sure you were ok, your BP, and she wasnt here. I still need your address becasue I actually have something little for the baby ( hard to resist- I work at gymboree you know)

OK, I better get to bed now. its late.