Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby #2 - Week 27 and The Construction Begins ...

(ABOVE: Jaden took this really cute picture of Harley Dog the other day - isn't she too cute!)
(ABOVE: Fetal Development at 27 weeks)
(ABOVE: The House - Before ... and after Jason cut the tree down next to the house on the right)
(ABOVE: Day #1 - still have some sort of a roof)
(ABOVE: Day #2 - Only half of a roof remains)
(ABOVE: Day #3 - where's the roof? In the dumpster!)

Well it is the (day after) Tuesday so I thought I would do Post #98 on Baby#2 progress at Week 27! Personally I can not believe I am at Week 27 already - even though I am sure I've been pregnant for what seems like forever! Things are progressing along just fine ... although I can finally say I am experiencing symptoms now - I had excrutiating hip and joint pain all evening Friday and it even woke me up around 2:30am ... I ended up on the couch for a few hours watching TV before finally giving in an taking some Tylenol and going to bed. Saturday brought on a new issue - caused by 'Yours Truly' however. I thought that since I was forgetting to take my nightly dose of BP Medication I would take all 4 pills in the morning. All was fine and dandy - we headed out to the Apple Orchard around 11:00am and had lunch, took the hayride to the trees so we could pick our delicious Fireside Apples and then we headed to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin. Jason paid for the apples and took them to the car while Jaden found the perfect pumpkin. I was sitting on a haybale relaxing because it was a little warm for my liking (78). Jason returned from the car and while he paid for the big 'ol pumpkin Jaden and I headed into the Orchard store for doughnuts, cider and some caramel apples. Well I am not sure what hit me but while Jaden was trying to find the perfect lollipop flavor I had to sit on the floor. The whole room was spinning and getting dark and the sound was muffled. I thought for sure I was going to pass out right then and there but I survived - stood up and walked into the cooler to get the cider. Well once I came out of the cooler and went to get the doughnuts the same thing happened again. It freaked me out - I pulled an associate aside and told him I needed help - he let me pay for all my stuff outside in the fresh air and eventually I spotted Jason who came to my rescue. It was pretty freaky to tell the truth and I am sure I scared Jaden a bit too. So - I learned my lesson ... taking 4 BP pills at once OBVIOUSLY dropped my BP too low and my body was pissed ... so I won't do that again!!! Besides that episode over the weekend I am also experiencing something similar to Restless Leg Syndrome which occurs during pregnancy for some ... I lay down at night and my legs are all creepy crawly ... it drives me nuts and makes falling asleep a real issue. I will be mentioning these things to my DR at my 28 week appt on October 22nd! Other news at the Clark House - well construction began on Monday in spite of the 1/2 inch of rain we got all day. Each and every day since there has been great progress and we are excited to see it start and finished ... I will post pictures from Days 1, 2 and 3 for all of you to ENVY us - yeah right - I am sure everyone would love to have their roof torn off their house just in time for the fall/winter to begin ... but thankfully now that it has begun there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Well I hope you are having a Wonderful Week so far ... ours is chugging along ... thankfully we don't have a busy weekend planned ... Jaden does need some new jeans (and so does Jason) so we may head to the Premium Outlets in Albertville for some deals on Saturday, other than that - not too much going on ... the Baby Shower Date was changed to October 25th since there were too many friends and family member who couldn't make it due to their work schedules so next weekend we'll be busy! See you soon ...

Love ~ The Clark Family ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Baby#2


Kristen said...

Wow 27 weeks already, where does the time go? Baby Charlotte will be here before you know it! Yeah to starting construction, I bet you can't wait to see the final product! I had the same restless leg thing while pregnant also, it's awful, I feel your pain, unfortunately I never found anything that helped, but hopefully your doctor will have a solution for you.

Rest up and don't take 4 pills at once again! That's so scary, I'm glad you're okay!

Carol said...

Can't wait to see the construction in person. I'm sure you're all so excited.

Anonymous said...

rebekah thats scary i know exactly how you felt that happens every once in awhile to me too but i usually end up on the ground. im not on any bp meds though i think mine is my sugars or something i had rls sooo bad with my pregs. I cant wait to see the updates on the house. wish i was there to help hehe i love tearing things up hehe... ummm where are the preg pics???? well you have a good weekend. I got new furniture so im getting it delivered today woohooo i will take pics. tell Jayden we say hello and i need the info on your babyshower register please. meet me at the coffee shop down the road ill be there in 10... HA!!!