Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation - Day 1

(ABOVE: Jaden in the car on the way to OHIO ... then NEW YORK ... then NEW JERSEY!)
(ABOVE: Jaden and Kendra - Day One of 3 long days! More on that later!)
(ABOVE: Jaden sitting in a cool chair at the Great Wold Lodge)
(ABOVE: Jaden in front of the fireplace at the Great Wolf Lodge!)
n the lobby of the Great Wolf Lodge - this was a creepy clock tower show that came to life and sang throughout the day - kind of weird!)
(ABOVE: Jaden sliding alone - with a BIG Smile on her face!)
(ABOVE: Jaden and Jason heading down one of many water slides!)
(ABOVE: Jaden thinks the Great Wolf Lodge ROCKS!)
Well we're back and it was a wonderful time! Our first day was of course spent in the car for 13 hours and I have to brag a bit because I have an amazing car traveler in Jaden! She watched TV, played Nintendo DS, colored, slept, talked a lot and just generally sat in the back watching the world fly by! We left MN around 4:00am on Friday and got to the Great Wolf Lodge around 7:00 that same night. It took a little longer since we caravaned with Sarah and Koz. Once we got there Jaden looked down into the waterpark and her jaw hit the floor and she was ready to go. We checked into our Loft Suite Room and unpacked our luggage, ordered some pizza for room service and then hit the waterpark soon afterwards. I am going to post pictures from DAY one first and hopefully get to the rest during the week.
We're Home and Exhausted!
(ABOVE: Jaden on Day TWO and already exhausted!! Great Wolf Lodge; Sandusky, Ohio!)
I will post soon and of course there will be plenty of photos ... until then - everything is fine and dandy!
Love ~ The Clark Family~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Baby#2 TOO!


Leslie said...

What a cute picture! My kids love Great Wolf lodge!

Anonymous said...

woow looks like you are all having a blast~ jayden you forgot to come get me hehe im doing ok bekah still sore but dealing with it getting excited cause my grandma and aunt and mom are coming in for the boys bday party tims going to be in the field so he is going to miss it again for the 3rd yr and he will be gone next yr too...oh and guess what,? im jamming to the new kids on the block cd that went on sale today woohoooo oh-oh-ohohoh the right stuff!!!! hehe

Christine said...

What fun!