Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Vacation Slideshow 1

Well I thought I would try and post a slideshow of photos versus me trying to pick out just a 'few' of my favorite ones ... I think these pictures are mainly from our Ohio stop. Like I said we stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge and enjoyed endless hours in their water park and outdoor pool, Saturday Jason - Koz and Desmond headed to Canton to see the Football Hall of Fame while us 'girls' stayed at the hotel and enjoyed the childrens activities and the water park. I purchased a Paw Pass for Jaden which gave her special access to all sorts of things while we were at the Lodge. She got to make a Build A Bear, she Tye-dyed a pillow case, went to the craft room and did arts and crafts, she got a souvenir cup with FREE refills, she got arcade tokens and even got an airbrush tattoo ... so, needless to say we kept ourselves busy. Jaden was EXCELLENT the entire time (minus one small event) and she truly loved her vacation and wants to go back to Great Wolf Lodge again soon - luckily we live 3 hours from the Wisconsin Dells where there is a Great Wolf Lodge - and a few others ... now, let me get back to the unfortunate misbehavior event from Miss Jaden ... you see, Kendra and Jaden don't really 'mesh' well together and after just 24 hours Jaden had enough of spending time with her ... so when Kendra wanted to sit next to Jaden she said no. When she asked again Jaden said no, after the 3rd time Kendra said please and Jaden said no which made me make Jaden move over ... all was fine until Little Miss Eye Rolling and Finger Pointing lost her mind and screamed at me ... well I told her she wasn't getting any warnings from me that day and that we were heading up to the room for a little break. Of course Jaden screamed and cried and I ignored her - until she thought a swing at mom was a good idea - I saw the look on her face and it pretty much said "Oh No" once she did it but it was too late ... when we walked in to the room I made her sit on the couch while I went out on the balcony for a breath of air when all of a sudden I heard a 'CLICK' noise - YUP, Jaden decided locking me outside on the 3rd floor was an even better idea than swinging at me ... I went to the door, knocked and told her to open it - she said NO - I said it again - she said NO - I said it one last time and she said - Not if you are going to make that face - (I must make a face when I am mad at her) - well she opened the door and when I came in and closed it I told her to run for her life! Now, I didn't beat her or anything but she did have to sit in the room for an hour while Kendra was at the water park ... and looking back now it was kind of funny ... but she learned her lesson because for the rest of our vacation she was very cuddly and lovey! SO - tat is our Ohio trip ... I will post more about Cedar Point in the next post - yet another interesting day! Until then ... hope you are all having a great week!

Love ~ The Clark Family ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby#2 TOO!


Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great time and about the locking out yes i know that she was wrong BUT locking you out HA! i missed you girl!!!! i know its not funny BUt just wait it only gets better hehe cameron gives me a run for my money and the looks she gives woooaaa watch out!!

Kristen said...

What a great slideshow, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!