Monday, October 25, 2010

Okay - I am seriously a slacker ... Happy Birthday Aunt Niki

Jaden with her friend Sydney at the beach
A screaming Charlotte
Uh-Oh ... looks like Jaden left her bedroom door open ...
Jaden with a play-doh masterpiece
Charlotte coloring in the driveway
Jaden hanging around at the park!
Jaden eating some ice cream at the KOA Playground
Little Miss Charlotte
A sleepy Charlotte in front of the campfire
YUMMY cotton candy ice cream
Charlotte & Mommy

Jaden at the KOA Playground

Waterslide fun at Jolene and Jeff's House

Charlotte coloring

Jaden - all ready for school!

Jaden - on a tractor ride!

Chef Charlotte!
Happy Birthday Aunt Niki! We Love and Miss YOU!
Surprise - she managed to find yet another stick!
Jaden playing in the leaves!
Charlotte's 1 girl band!
Big Blue eyes!

1 comment:

Aunt Niki said...

Love the pics! Thank You. I can't believe how much Charlotte has grown:( Can't wait to see those beautiful faces. 26 weeks or less