Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Halloween ...

~ The Aspen Avenue NE Christmas Card 2009 - Jenny (passed out), Tony, Keely, Kevin, Dustin and Ross ... gotta love it when Jenny parties ~
~ Can you say SUGAR! ~ Alanna and Sydney
~ Mine and Jason's costume ... do you get it? ~
~ Aunt Adrienne and Charlotte ... I swear if I didn't birth her I would believe she wasn't mine but Adrienne's - WILD! ~
~ Kendra & Sarah - mom and daughter Vampires ~
~ MUMMY DOGS with Spider Web Dipping Sauce ~
~ Witches Brew - frozen hand and all ~
~ Vampiress Jaden ~
~ eeeew - Weiner Worms ~
~ A Gummy Foot - this thing was beyond GROSS - it has crunchy bone parts in it ICK! ~
~ Jaden and Adrienne built the Haunted Gingerbread House - it is pretty cute ~
~ Charlotte's 1st Pumpkin Carving ~
~ Jaden getting ready to carve her pumpkin - she looks kind of evil here ... ~
~ Charlotte inhaling some mandarin oranges ~
~ And this is the New CHUCKY smile ... you all know that creepy doll from Child's Play - yup, she is smiling just like him .... ~
Just posting some pictures from Charlotte's 1st Halloween. We had a great party and enjoyed spending the day with lots of friends and neighbors. Charlotte did NOT get her nap in so she was down for the count at 6:00 (BUMMER) but she woke back up around 9:30 and stayed up past 12 ... it was a fun night. At one point we had about 30 people in the garage and lots of kids in the house playing. Jaden was a gothic vampire, Charlotte was a little yellow duck ... was Brett Favre and Jason was - well just read his t-shirt to find out ... even Aunt Adrienne dressed up as an angel. It was a great time - cold outside but nice and warm in the heated garage! It worked out so well that we will be having Charlotte's big 1st Birthday the same way on New Year's Eve ... can't believe she will be one soon! UGH!
Nothing else has been going on here - just chugging along, getting ready for the Holidays and trying to figure out plans and gifts! Other than that nothing new .. still unemployed and still enjoying it while I can. Headed to a college campus yesterday to review some classes and programs available ... we will see what I can muster up in regards to a Business Management degree - sigh!
Hope you are all well - Jaden is still swimming 4 hours a week and still seems to be enjoying it ... as for Charlotte - pulling up on EVERYTHING - falling down too ... and got her 6th tooth this past weekend, 4 on top, 2 on bottom - oh and I have NEVER seen a child suck down mandarin oranges the was she does ... pardon the visual but they seem to be coming out the way they go in - whole ... she is a maniac!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Miss Charlotte

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Leslie said...

you are soo behind...come on busy mommy! lol

OMG that top pic rocks soooo much!!

Love your halloween party im jealous i didnt get invited to one sniff!!

Girls look precious as always!