Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Somethings ...

~ Jason, Jaden & I - where's Charlotte? Sleeping in her stroller :0( ~
~ Charlotte in her new 'Cadillac of a carseat' ... she is so much more comfy in this! ~
~ Charlotte watching Jaden climb the rock walls ~
~ Coming on down the wall ~
~ Repelling down - this was her favorite part she said ~
~ Ringing the bell at the top of the rock wall ~ ~ Trevor helping Jaden on her 1st attempt at rock climbing ... she did GREAT! ~ ~ Trevor giving Jaden some tips on climbing ~
~ Miss Charlotte's new smile ... this cracks me up ... she hisses when she does this ~
~ Jaden on the swings at the playground ~
~ Charlotte giving some love to her blanket ~
~ Jaden and Charlotte heading to Grandma's for Herb's Party ~ ~ UH OH - look who's trying to pull herself up already! ~
~ See those pearly whites in there? ~
~ Charlotte in her new Pink Rubber Ducky Bathtub! ~
Happy Sunday Everyone ... well another weekend is over and August is quickly coming to an end *sigh* ... we had a busy weekend and the weather was beautiful. The week was a rainy one but the weekend was perfect!
Wednesday I headed to URS to pack up all my work belongings. I was put on stand-by status on July 24th - basically URS could call me back in to work if there was enough billable work to bring me back. Well I decided that it was time to part ways completely. I am sad to no longer be associated with all the wonderful people I have come to love working with - but I needed to do what was best for me and my family so we parted ways - I left Minneapolis for the last time (workwise) and headed home - just as a tornado was heading towards downtown. There are a TON of photos on the Startribune website shwoing toppled trees and sidewalks torn apart - plus roofs torn off and such ... it is pretty crazy what Mother Nature is capable of!!! But I digress - I am now 100% unemployed and I am not sure what to think about that - this is the first time in my adult likfe that I am without a job. I did interview for a position 2 weeks ago and they offered me the job on the spot but we have some salary talks to do before I accept it since the pay cut is significant. But in the end I have options - which is more than most people these days have!!!
Now on to some other news - Friday I took Charlotte to the Dr to have her ear re-checked ... she STILL has fluid on her ear - no infection but fluid. The Dr wasn't optimistic regarding the upcoming winter so keep your fingers crossed that this is just a phase ... Charlotte is on her medicince for another week and unless something happens before hand she won't be seen until her 9 month well baby visit! NINE MONTHS - is she really almost that old? UGH!
After Charlotte's appointment I met up with a co-worker of mine, Katie. Katie is pregnant with her 1st child and she's due january 2nd ... she just found out she is having a boy so the 3 of us headed to Babies R Us to do some shopping. It was fun to shop and just spend time with her ... she is a great friend that I sadly judged too soon and in the end I missed out on her friendship years ago - but I am glad to be a part of her life now with Baby Westphal on the way! Oh and while we were shopping I had to pick up a Big Girl carseat for Miss Charlotte - she no longer fits length wise in the baby seat! *another sigh* ... we did a lot of shopping and I had some excellent car packing skills to get it all stuffed in the car!!! Let's do that again Katie - soon?
Saturday we headed to Albert Lea for a surprise 70th Birthday party for my Mother In Law's boyfriend Herb. It was indeed a surprise and it was fun to see his smiling reaction. The party was held at this great park with a realy nice pavillion and playground. Charlotte was as perfect as always and Jaden enjoyed her acorn hunting!!! After the party we headed to the Rock Gym where Jason's best friend Trevor works. Jaden and Jason both climbed the walls and I am SO proud at how well Jaden did and how she did not give up!! She even jumped off one of the cliffs!!!
Today was Sunday so that means laundry and relaxing ... Jaden had a friend over to swim and play while Jason, Charlotte and I walked across the street to Jenny and Kevin's house for some snacks and a few drinks ... so all in all a PERFECT WEEK!
I promise to be a better blogger ... such a slacker these days! I hope all of my friends are well ...
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte


Leslie said...

OMG she is just a doll...her smile lights up your post!!! Abby had that same duck tub in yellow though!


Kelly said...

Cute pictures! Love Miss Charlotte's new carseat and pink duck tub. Jenna had the same one in yellow. We had to move Ryan to a bigger seat about a month ago. It was bittersweet. He was just too heavy for me in his infant carseat and he was just about at the weight AND height limits. My bruiser!

Enjoy your "time off" work. I'm slightly envious although wish it could be on YOUR terms rather than the situation at hand. So many people are going through the same thing. Hang in there and just relish this time with your girls. They grow up SOOOO fast!

Have a great week!


Hannah said...

Way to go Jaden! She did awesome on that rock wall! Love all the pictures. The girls look SO much alike :) Cutie pies!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl..Charlotte gets bigger everytime I stop in..I cant believe it...Welcome to the unemployed world..enjoy time being with the girls....Miss you....Love, Marci