Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where Am I?

Well it seems as though I had way too much to say when it wasn’t of any importance but now that I had something to share, like my anniversary surprise, I haven’t said a word. Well I am back and I have plenty to say – about a lot of things! Let’s start out with Friday shall we? Well I decided to take the day off since I knew I had way too much to try to fit in to the timeframe I had for myself. So I was woken up by a kiss and a Happy Anniversary wish from Jason. He got showered and cleaned up and when he went to kiss me goodbye I saw the gift bag he placed on my night stand. He wanted me to open it up so I did and I was surprised with what he bought for me. He bought me a High Definition Video Recorder! I was so excited … I have wanted to get a new one of these since our old VHS one broke years ago and I have been taking videos with my digital camera. It was such a nice surprise. He even wrote a sweet note in my card saying “I hope this can record memories for the next 10 years like the memories I have form the last 10 years!” What a softie! After all that he headed to work and I got up and got the girls ready. The 3 of us headed to Perkins for breakfast – we were supposed to meet up with Jolene and Hannah but Katie was sick so we didn’t, instead the 3 of us enjoyed our morning together. I dropped them off at daycare and then I went grocery shopping for the month. I got home and put all the groceries away and then headed to downtown Minneapolis to CHECK IN TO THE HOTEL! Yup, you see we had dinner reservations for Oceanaire (YUM by the way). Oceanaire is located in the Hyatt Regency Hotel so I thought it would be a nice surprise to reserve a room there for the night. Jason had NO idea that I had this planned. In fact he thought we were heading to dinner and then walked downtown for a bit and then back home. Instead I had an appointment for him at an old fashioned Barber Shop where he was pampered with a straight razor shave. Then we headed to dinner. It was so good. Jason ordered shrimp and steak and I had the yummy jumbo crab cakes. We were then surprised with a flambéed ice cream desert which the waiter set on fire at the table. It was so fun to watch – and believe it or not I didn’t take a SINGLE picture of dinner! Or Jason and I dressed up either – WTH! After dinner he still had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. So I decided to tell him we could walk the skyway since it was raining. We walked towards the hotel elevators and then I told him to turn left since this was where we were staying for the night!! He was surprised … we took the elevator up to the 12th floor where I had another surprise for him! I had room service deliver chocolate covered strawberries and champagne to the room before he arrived. He was so excited to see those HUGE strawberries – and the HUGE king sized bed. We had a great view of the new Twins Stadium and downtown. It was a nice surprise. After we relaxed a bit and changed our clothes we went downstairs and walked along Nicollet Mall – it is a pedestrian only street with outdoor bars and cafés. We walked for a bit and stopped at the liquor store to browse their huge selection of beer and wine. Then we walked to the CBS Building and Jason got to be on the news – he was standing behind the glass window when the news anchors were doing the 10pm newscast. It was pretty funny. Then we walked to our hotel and had a few drinks in the hotel bar. We truly enjoyed ourselves – we relaxed – we talked – we ‘snuggled’ – we remembered – we will do it again soon! It was a great surprise and I am proud that I kept my mouth shut because he would have been bummed if he figured it out!! So that was my suspenseful Anniversary Surprise – not Hawaii but it was pretty nice!
~ Our King Sized Bed in the hotel ~
~ Champagne and Strawberries ~
~ LOOK at those things ... ~
~ The Minneapolis Skyline @ Night ~
~ A view of the new Twins Stadium behind the steeple ~
~ A pretty little park outside our window ~
~ The First Presbryterian Church - it is beautiful! ~
~ A view of Nicollet Avenue & Peavey Plaza ~
~ The Building in the middle is where I work on the 16th floor ~
~ Jaden and Miss Calico Kitty ~
~ Jaden playing BINGO ~
~ Jaden pinning the lollipop on the lollipop stick - and she GOT IT! ~
~ Charlotte in her new high chair watching Jaden make smoothies ~
~ Jaden made Jason a smoothie, a card and an omelet for Father's Day ~
~ Baby Charlotte sitting up all by herself ~
~ Jaden enjoying her New Float - A Giant Walrus ~
~ Jaden making Tater Tot Hot Dish for Father's Day 2009 ~
We got up around 8:30 Saturday morning and got cleaned up and checked out. We got home around 10:30 or so and I was happy to see the girls. We were heading to the Calico Critters Fun Day at the Hobby Store in Bloomington so we hung out at home for a bit and then Jason’s mom headed home (THANKS CAROL for watching the girls). The 2 of us headed to the hobby store and enjoyed some giveaways, arts and crafts and games. It was HOT HOT HOT outside so after we left we picked up some Jimmy John’s sandwiches and headed home. Jaden’s friend Alanna came over to swim and play while Jason did some yard work and I watched Charlotte. Poor Charlotte started to not feel so great come Saturday night so we stayed inside where it was cool. Sunday was Father’s Day so Jaden and I got up and started making Jason his breakfast. She made him a strawberry banana smoothie and an egg omelet shaped like a heart! It sure did make him smile … It was a nice Father’s Day he said. For the majority of the day it was dreary out so Jason and Jaden headed to Home Depot to pick up some odds and ends and they came home with new pool floats for all of us. Jaden got a HUGE walrus and Charlotte got a cute turtle float with a canopy! The sun did eventually come out and it got HOT and STEAMY real quick so Jason and Jaden swam the night away. Jaden helped make Tater Tot Hot Dish and then BAM the weekend was over!!! But it was a great weekend!
Yesterday was back to work and daycare and it was 95 outside … today we have an excessive heat advisory at 105 … ugh! Sadly Charlotte got a fever of 102 yesterday so I took her to the Dr where she was diagnosed with her first ear infection! Poor Baby! She is on Motrin and Amoxicillin for her ear. She did sleep well last night but was pitiful and still warm this morning – plus she wasn’t interested in eating at all – RED FLAG! So she is home with Jason today and Jaden is at Daycare swimming and playing with the kids! I am sitting here at work trying to focus in the heat – it is even warm in the office! But I won’t complain right – in 6 months it will be -40 again!!! So I am sorry for talking WAY TOO MUCH yet again but I thought I would get all of this out of the way! Oh and today is my 200th post!! Whoo-Hoo – you win nothing … sorry!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Have a great week and enjoy all the pictures!
Love ~ The Clark Family ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte


Rhonda said...

What a wonderful anniversary surprise. That was truly awesome. Happy anniversary :-)

Poor Charlotte, hope she is feeling better soon.

Pineapple Princess said...

Wow! You guys have been up to a lot!
What a fun surprise!

Kami said...

Sounds like it was a really wonderful anniversary! What a blessing :)

Thanks for checking out my blog! Your kids are adorable!

Look forward to meeting you at the MckPicnic!

Kristen said...

Sounds like you guys had a great anniversary! Great job keeping it a surprise!

Leslie said...

What a great anniversary day !!! CONGRATS!!

Love all the pics and baby girl is getting soooooo big!! SNIFF SNIFF!!!

hugs and im glad to be home!


Terri said...

What an awesome surprise!!! I need to take pointers from you!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Charlotte was sick. Glad you had a great anniversary. (10 years?! holy cow)

Love ya

Hannah said...

What a great surprise!! Very very cool! I am glad you guys had a great time together to recharge.

Breanna said...

it looks like you had a great time on your anniversary!!! Loved all the pics!

Amanda said...

Did you go to Murrys for dinner? My hubby and I went there for an anniversary diner once... awesome!!

Great pics of the cities... I have never seen that view before!!

God bless-