Monday, June 29, 2009

A Summer Festival, New Appliances, An Allergy, 6 Months Old and another Fun Giveaway...

** I did a Side By Side of Jaden and Charlotte at about the same age ... this kind of creeps me out - almost like we had twins 7 years apart **
Do You Think They Look Alike?
~ HAPPY 1/2 BIRTHDAY Charlotte ~
~ I love that wide mouthed smile ... 6 months old already ~ ~ Charlotte's rash all over her little chubby arms ... poor baby! ~
~ Charlotte's rash ... she is still a happy baby even when she is broken out in hives ... how'd I get so lucky? ~
~ Charlotte CHOWING on her mesh feeder filled with ice ~
~ Heather and Charlotte ~
~ Jaden got her face painted ... it is STILL on there ... I think they used a sharpie!! ~
~ Charlotte and Jason at Dan Patch Days (hmm, who does she look like?) ~
~ Charlotte doing some sit-ups in the carseat ... look at her face ... that's hard work! ~
~ Rub A Dub Dub a Big Blue Eyed Baby in the TUB - her eyes are wild ... I will have to find the picture of Jaden just like this one ... creepy ~
~ Savannah and Jaden ~
~ The Giant King Kong Bounce House @ Dan Patch Days ~
~ A few more bouncey 'things' at Dan Patch Days ~
~ Charlotte enjoying the feeling of grass for the 1st time ~
Hey there - long time no type ... we have been a little bit busy around these parts. I am hoping, with fingers crossed, that we may have reached the point where we can relax. We did have a beautiful weekend and had a nice time at a local Summer Festival - Dan Patch Days in Savage, MN. Charlotte did in fact have an ear infection diagnosed last Monday. She was put on Amoxicillan and stayed home with her daddy on Tuesday. All was well on Wednesday and Thursday until Thursday afternoon when Dani at daycare called and said Charlotte was so miserable, not eating and had a rash break out all over her face, neck and tummy. I headed to the house to take Charlotte to the Dr's office for a once over to rule in or out a drug allergy. Turns out the Dr felt she had roseola which was exacerbated by the high humidity and heat we've had all week. All was good and I stayed home with her on Friday. She woke up Friday with no evidence of a rash of any kind. All was well and we spent Friday night at a friend's house while Jaden swam in their pool with their daughter. Saturday we had plans to head to Dan Patch Days. The weather was horrible in the morning but the sun came out around 3:30 and we headed 2 miles down the road for some inflatable bouncer fun, food, drinks and music. Charlotte's rash was gone and the girls were loving the festival. We met up with Koz, Sarah, kendra, Heather, Dan, Savannah, Jolene, Jeff, Hannah, Katie and my daycare provider (Dani)'s entire family. It was a beautiful evening with a great breeze. Charlotte was getting loved up by everyone of course and Jaden had a blast jumping all evening in the many inflatable jumpers. The music was also great and we all had an awesome time as usual. We headed towards the car right before the fireworks started so I could put Charlotte in the car. Everyone else sat on hill and watched the fireworks go off. Charlotte and I watched them from the car and she seemed to have liked them! Our Sunday was busy as well - the usual household chores and Jaden had a birthday party at Dani's house - they spent the afternoon tubing on the lake and swimming off the boat. She came home at 4 and fell asleep until 6 ... she must've been exhausted. After she woke up we headed to Best Buy to look at the appliance package they had advertised. By 7:30 we walked out of there the PROUD owners of a new fridge, oven, dishwasher and microwave hood ... I am beyond exicited since our current appliances are original - which puts them at over 20 years old ... the New Stainless Steel Shininess should be here by July 18th! Whoo-hoo ... before they arrive I need to get my rear in gear and re-paint my kitchen and stain my cabinets ... busy busy busy!
So as you can see our weekend was busy but wonderful and as of this morning Charlotte remained RASH FREE. That was until this afternoon when she broke out in hives all over her entire body ... so we ONCE AGAIN headed to the Dr's office to have her rechecked. Her ears were clear and her throat was normal but she does in fact have an allergy to Amoxicillan! Just like her mom ... she looks horrible and bumpy and red and just miserable - but on the PLUS side she is as happy as can be! She also turned 6 months old today ... an you believe that? I can't! Once again - that whole time flies thing stinks sometimes!!! But Charlotte is HOPEFULLY on the mend ... the Dr also detected a benign heart murmur which she said is a very common thing in almost 85% of babies and small children and they repair themselves as the child grows! Um, ok - like I need anything else to add to my PARANOID MOM LIST!!!! Thanks Doc ... but in all seriousness the Dr said she is fine and they flagged her chart to say she has a drug allergy - hopefully she is good to go when we head BACK to the Dr's on Thursday for her 6 month well baby visit ... UGH!
I am so excited that this is a 4 day work week even though I am a bit busy at work ... Thursday Jason has the day off as a floating Holiday so he is taking the girls to daycare and hanging the gutters and shutters on the house ... then Friday we are heading to Albert Lea for a Family Reunion type gathering with some relatives who flew in from Sweden yesterday. They are here int he US for 2 weeks and we are excited to get together with family! I am making my 7 layer taco dip and some Oreo Cookie Balls - YUM! Then the annual 3rd of July Parade is at 6 in Albert Lea ... they have the most amazing Parade to celebrate the 4th ... Jaden loves parades and this will be Charlotte's very 1st parade ... the rest of the Holiday weekend will be relaxing!!!! So that - in a GREAT BIG GIANT NUTSHELL is what we've been doing ... time to take a breath! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that your week ahead is just as great!
Oh and stop by this cute blog and enter her contest ... it ends tonight ... Sweet as Punkin Pie! She is giving away a gift certificate to this really cute store ... check it out! Hoohobbers!
Have a Happy 4th of July! I should be back before but just in case ...
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte


Rhonda said...

Oh Rebekah, what a time you have had. We have "been there, done that", Em has an allergy to Omnicef! So we've been through the rash/hive thing and it lasted 2 months, ugh. What a funt ime you have and all new appliances, (I'm jealous!!)

Happy 4th my friend :-)

Kristen said...

I love those baby blues!

Man, sounds like you guys have had quite a busy few days.I feel you on the whole allergy thing. I hope Charlottle starts to feel better soon.

I can't believe she's already 6 months old! I remember when you first found my blog, it felt like you were so far behind me in the pregnancy, but now Charlotte's already 6 months old, where does the time go?

Yay for new appliances! Got to love the stainless steal shine!

Kami said...

Your pictures tell a beautiful story! What cute girls you have :)

Looks like you have been busy! Then again, life as a mom is never truly NOT busy!

Leslie said...

OMG those girls are just getting prettier everyday!!!


Jo said...

I would swear that those two pics are the SAME BABY! Wow. Adorable!

Julia said...

holy twins!! they look exacty the same!! and our babes are almost the same age! Noah is 5.5 months!! cute kids you have!!

Amanda said...

Wow!! That fun day in Savage is something I will have to bring my kids to next year!!

Loves the pics of your kids side by side... they DO look like twins!!


Anonymous said...

A great time had by all, wish I was there to join in the fun. Miss all my girls (Jason too), as always I love the pictures - and they do look like twins. I love you lots and miss you more, your favorite mommy.

Mrs. Bushey said...

Such a happy baby even when she's sick!

By the way you one my giveaway! Check out my blog for details!

Kelly said...

Congratulations on your big wins! LUCKY! I really wanted to win that gummy doll but didn't. Darn! Love all the new appliances. We just put in an over the range microwave a few weeks ago and LOVE it. Really love the extra counter space now too!

Charlotte is SO cute! Looks like she is close to sitting up on her own? Ryan is not there yet. I'm in no rush! He started scoot crawling the other day and I got nervous! Jaden is adorable too. Looks like she is enjoying her summer!!

Have a great weekend!

Breanna said...

OMG they look Identical!!! they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.