Friday, April 17, 2009

FFF - WET ...

(ABOVE: Jaden saying ROCK ON ... ahh - I can almost feel summer!)
(ABOVE: My Big Blue Eyed Baby - and her drooley lips!)
(ABOVE: Our Duck Couple swimming on the pool cover!)
Happy Friday Fellow Bloggers! Today's theme from Sarah is WET! We have plenty of wet days in Minnesota - in fact this weekend is supposed to be just that ... W-E-T ... but for now I will post these WET photos ... the first on is my ALL TIME Favorite Foto of Jaden in the pool 2 summer's ago doing her ROCK ON Pose ... the second one is of Charlotte and ALL the drool she seems to have these days, so you get to see some wet lips! And the third foto is of our new visitor's ... yup, we have a husband and wife duck that have made a little hot tub out of the water in our pool cover. Aren't they cute? Yeah - I thought so too! Who would have guessed that ducks wake up when rooster's do? Yeah, me neither - but the wife duck starts quacking away while the husband is probably saying "Please be quiet". See even ducks have to deal with jabber jaw wives! But they are cute ... Have a great weekend everyone ... as usual, ours is a busy one!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Baby Charlotte~


Leslie said...

OHHHH I want summer now!!!!!!!!!

Great water pics!


Kristen said...

Cute pictures! Oh, how I can't wait for summer!

Lund7 said...

Great pictures of the girls! The duck couple is pretty cute too! Hope you enjoyed the past few days here in MN!!

Terri said...

Rock on Jaden!!!!
Each picture is so cute! THe ducks was a great added bonus pic!
Have a great weekend!

nora said...

Pretty soon you are going to get to take the pool cover off! Yea for warm weather in MN! What sweet pics.

Enjoy your 80 degree weekend!

Sarah said...

I'm with you on wanting summer to get here... let's let winter say goodbye! Great pics!

Becca said...

Come on SUMMER!


Kim & Dave said...

Very funny about the ducks-I sure didn't know they were early risers!

Melinda said...

Is it just me or is Charlotte looking more and more like Jaden?! Beautiful children! And I like your new blog look! Very Springy!


Taylor family said...

Cute pictures!