Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just Popping In ...

(ABOVE: Manda, Me and Jaden before heading to the airport - we had one last El Loro stop - YUM!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte, Pop, Me, Jaden and Nan!)
(ABOVE: Charlotte and Poppy - I LOVE her smile ... and look how small her hand is compared to pop's finger!)
(ABOVE: Nan calls Charlotte her litle sweetie - well look what I found when we went shopping after we dropped them at the airport ... her shirt says "I'll Always Be Grandma's Little Sweetie!)
(ABOVE: Jaden ... is she really 7 years old already ...)
Happy Tuesday Everyone ... I thought I would just pop on here and upload some new photos. Our weekend was a busy but good one ... Friday Jaden was 'supposed' to sleep over at Hannah's house and we were packed, picked up food and headed over there. We stayed for a few hours to eat and have some drinks and around 7:30 Jaden said she didn't want to stay. As you can imagine Hannah was pretty bummed out and tears soon followed ... then more tears soon followed from Jaden because she felt bad that Hannah felt bad ... and then Katie was crying because we (Jason) were leaving to go home and she wasn't coming with us! So 3 out of the 4 girls were in tears ... not so fun! It turns out that Jaden was afraid she'd miss me like she missed Manda ... poor girl! Saturday we headed to Albert Lea to visit Carol and Adrienne and for Slater's Birthday Party - he turned 13 today! And then Sunday we had Jaden's 3rd and final Birthday party at the house ... it was a good weekend!!! I am off of work tomorrow because Jaden has a 10am dentist appointment as well as her 7 year check up at the pediatricians office ... should be a good day all in all ... just wish it would stop raining already!
I hope you are all having a good week ... and please keep lifting Stellan up in your prayers ... this sweet little baby's heart is still struggling ...
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden and Charlotte


Kristen said...

God your girls are so cute!I can't get over how much you, Jaden, and Manda look alike, you guys could all be sisters!

Leslie said...

OMG these are great pictues..such a GREAT looking family!!!

OHHH YES when you are coming to Ohio let me know...I havent been to Cedar Point in 11 years..how sad since i only live 45minutes from it!!! LOL