Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Jaden! A Stroll Down Memory Lane ...

(ABOVE: Happy 7th Birthday Baby Girl!)
(ABOVE: Jaden's SIX Years Old - she was crying this day at Beni Hanahs - she had a tummy ache!)
(ABOVE: Jaden's FIVE Years Old on the 5th - her Golden Birthday celebrated at Cinderella's Castle in Orlando with 20 relatives!!!)
(ABOVE: Jaden's FOUR Years Old - nanny and poppy took her to Build A Bear at the Mall of America!)
(ABOVE: Jaden's THREE Years Old - Chuck E Cheeses Party!)
(ABOVE: Jaden's TWO Years Old!)
(ABOVE: Jaden's ONE Year Old - celebrating with a Twinkie and a paper crown!)
(ABOVE: Jaden BIRTH-day ~ Welcome to our Family!)
Well it is March 5th (finally as Jaden would say) and that means that my baby, my firstborn and my only child until Charlotte joined us turns SEVEN years old today! I am in shock that it has been seven years already ... it is hard to believe that I am the mother of a seven year old ... Today we will be picking up Jaden's beloved Hamster and then bringing it home to her room - slapping a BIG ol' bow on it and heading to her Science Fair. I am hoping she decides to head to her room when she gets home to put her clothes in the hamper or something or else I will have to coax her up there with some fake chore to get her upstairs. She is going to FLIP out - it should be so much fun. Grandma Carol is meeting her at school today to have lunch and tonight we are having lasagna for dinner with birthday cake of course. So today will be a great day! Tomorrow we are meeting up with Heather, Dan, Savannah, Jolene, Jeff, Hannah and Katie at Chuck E Cheeses ... it will be a great way to celebrate her big day with friends until her party on the 14th ...
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Sweet Jaden ... you are amazing! Mommy and Daddy are SO SO proud of you! Have a wonderful day punkin!
Love ~ The Clark Family of Four (plus Manda) ~ Rebekah, Jason, Birthday Girl Jaden and Baby Charlotte!


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Jaden and Mommy too! It is your today as well, seeing as you went through all that work to get her here!

I hope she loves her hamster and I look forward to pictures of the surprise!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Jaden!!!! how cool to be 7 cameron says you are going to have so much fun being 7 its a fun age!!!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jaden...OMG my oldest is almost 16 WTH??? LOL