Monday, January 19, 2009

3 Weeks Old Today - and LOOK at what she did ...A Makeover And My Little Swimmer ...

(ABOVE: Jaden getting ready for her swimming lessons - she is AMAZING in the water - you should see how proud her dad is of her when he watches her ... this is her niche her says!)

(ABOVE: YES - this is my little 6 year old ... after coming home from the Mall Saturday Manda gave her a makeover ... and aside from the makeup I couldn't believe how grown up she looked ... and I LOVED the curly temple hair!)

(ABOVE: The back of Jaden's Curly Temple hair ... it looks beautiful!)
(ABOVE: Our Little Fish ... Jaden learning the backstroke at her 3rd swimming lesson!)
(ABOVE: This is what Charlotte thought of her tummy time ... yeah, I think she could sleep through just about anything!)

(ABOVE: Charlotte's teeny tiny baby feet ... which are actually pretty big for baby feet!)


(ABOVE: Charlotte enjoying her bathtime these days ... LOOK at that tummy!! She likes to eat ... once she wakes up!)

(ABOVE: Charlotte - finally awake at the Mall of America - she liked all the lights in Nickoldeon Universe)
(ABOVE: Charlotte - 3 weeks old today - and asleep in her crib)

Well it is Monday January 19th and Baby#2 is 3 weeks old aready! Wow - the last 3 weeks have flown by much faster than my last 3 weeks of pregnancy!!! Funny how that works huh? 8 hours of sleep goes by MUCH MUCH quicker than 8 hours of work ... well Charlotte is doing very well and has finally decided that eating is a good thing. She has put herself on her own schedule and pretty much wakes up to eat every 3 - 3 1/2 hours and eats 2.5-3 ounces each time. The daytime feedings are still a struggle since she just doesn't wake up at all ... when we get to see her eyes open we are so excited but they quickly close and she sleeps for another few hours before opening them again. I did want to post a picture of what she did accomplish last night ... she finally slept in her crib last night ... my niece got up with her at 2:00am to feed her and I got up with her at 5:00am (which means I almost had 5 straight hours of sleep BTW!) Amanda put her in her crib at 10:30 and then after she ate at 2:00 ... after I fed her in her room I put her back in her crib and she slept until 8:30 this morning ... I am so happy and proud of her ... Now we shuld be able to do this every night right? Here's hoping!

We did head to the Mall of America after Jaden's swimming lessons Saturday. We shopped and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and then Jaden and Amanda went on some rides at Nickolodeon Universe. We spent about 5 hours there and headed home around 6:30. Friday night Jason and I went to dinner at Mortons downtown and it was YUMMY! Jason had cajun ribeye and I had some Alaskan King crab legs - which were awesome!!! We had a fun weekend ... my sister was supposed to head home today but when he checked in online she noticed her flight is for tomorrow instead so that was a great surprise. I am also happy to report that my mom made it through her procedure and though she is beat up a bit with a lumbar punture and a Spinal Fluid drain (not to mention the endless amount of packing in her nose) she is doing well and will hopefully be home on Wednesday ... Pray that this time the procedure is a success!!! So other than all of that we had a great weekend and visit with my sister. This week should be a quiet one - not sure what the weekend holds for us aside from our Clark Family/Johnson Family Christmas at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dale's house Sunday afternoon ... so enjoy the photos ... and I am also happy to report that today it is 8 degrees outside - that's ABOVE zero! YIPPIE! Have a great week!

Love ~ The Clark Family of Four ~ Jason, Rebekah, Jaden and Charlotte!


Beck said...

I LOVE seeing all of your new pictures, so sweet! Glad things are warming up there...LOL. Can't imagine 8 degrees!! It is about 45 here right now and I am SO cold. Guess I am a bit of a sissy!

Not sure if you saw my comment last week. Can you send me an email to so I can reply to it. I want to email you something. Thanks! Hope you have a great week. And, TRY to stay warm!!

Anonymous said...

well hello guys.. lots to comment on 1st Jaden you look like a star in the makeover pic beaut-ti-ful... keep it up on the swimming. remember me when you are going for the gold in the future. Rebekah baby girl is getting big! she is such a cutie and wooohooo about sleeping in her crib and getting to sleep cant wait to meet you all. have a good week

Kristen said...

Yay for swimming and sleeping in the crib! You must be so proud of your girls!

Enjoy your warm weather today :)

Beck said...

Ok, so I didn't get the email. I am trying to figure out my spam settings and no luck. Just post it on my comment section for my latest blog and then I will delete it, LOl. Such trouble, (:

Leslie said...

OMG i loved the new pics!!! Your babies are getting soo big..swimming and makeup..Jaden slow down Girl!!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

hey girl thats ok i totally understand no rush just had a question. I didnt have to post about them but she got them last night... she only has to wear them when she reads but she is sooo excited. waiting for tim to call me right now so im off to wait!!! call you after class