Thursday, November 06, 2008

I've Been Tagged and Halloween Pictures

(ABOVE: Jaden and her Classmates - 1st Grade - 2008)
(ABOVE: Jaden decorating her Punpkin Cookie at School - YUMMY!)
(ABOVE: Jaden getting ready to decorate her Pumpkin Craft at her School Party)
(ABOVE: Jaden doing the "Pumpkin Between The Leg Race" at her school party)
(ABOVE: Jaden about to Trick Or Treat at the Mall)
(ABOVE: Savannah as a Witch - Jaden as a Hippie Girl - Hannah as a Leopard)
(ABOVE: Jaden as a Vampire Hippie?)
(ABOVE: Katie Bug as a Fairy on Halloween!)
(ABOVE: Jaden making her leaf crafts - Leaf Etching!)
(ABOVE: Jaden and her scarecrow - not sure what is going on with the picture though!)
Well I thought I would post yet another post - that's 3 days in a row! Holy Cow! Well I finally uploaded Halloween Pictures so I thought I would post those and I was recently tagged by Kelly over at I'd Love A Dull Moment so I have to play along ... and of course tage 6 people I know too!! Oh I have my 30 week Dr's appt yesterday and due to my blood pressure still being high (150/82) my Doctor has decided that starting at my next appointment (Week 32) I will have an ultrasound until the final delivery to make sure everything is going fine - he isn't concerned right now but he wants to be proactive with this whole blood pressure stuff ... I am hoping all goes well and it stays the way it is ... wish me luck - but at the same time we will get plenty of 'peeks' at Baby Charlotte over the next 8 weeks! That will be the neat thing! Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week! This week the weather has been amazing - 75 on Monday and Tuesday - well we are about to fall into the Abyss - there is currently a BLIZZARD WARNING heading through South Dakota right now -- dropping 6" of snow ... that will arrive in the Twin Cities tomorrow and through the weekend - oh JOY! Thankfully we will be inside a movie theater on Saturday watching Madagascar 2 with the Bonneville's and then eating lunch! See you all tomorrow for FFF!
TAG You're IT!

6 things I value:
1. my husband Jason
2. my daughter Jaden
3. my uneventful pregnancy of Baby#2
4. my family - near and FAR
5. my friends
6. my country

6 things I don't value:
1. material posessions
2. clutter
3. Jaden's homework for the next 11 years - HELP!!!
4. stupid comments from stupid people
5. to borrow from Rebecca - Day Light Savings Time - HATE IT!
6. Winter time in MN

6 people I'm tagging:
4. Kim
6. ??
Love ~ The Clark Family ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Baby#2 too!


Anonymous said...

woohooo we will get to see lots of baby pics. Looks like jaden had a good halloween. She is such a cutie. I have a question how do i get my posts to line up i did the tagged your it and it all ran together what am i doing wrong? help me!!!!! have a good night

Kristen said...

What cute pictures, it looks like Jaden had a great Halloween! Looks like the house is coming along well. I will have to fill out the questions soon, but Miss Grace has ANOTHER cold, so lots of sleepless nights over here!

Anonymous said...

Hi there honey, it has been awhile since I have left a comment, the craziness of the day - perhaps I should read them from home instead of work. I love seeing the "through the years" - how things have changed and what a beautiful family you are. I would love to be there watching Charlotte grow in her Mommy's belly and the excitement on Jaden's face. Wish I was born rich instead of beautiful. Talk with you soon, love to the moon and back - Mom