Monday, October 20, 2008

100th Post ... Visit With Old Friends ... and Oh My Friggin WHY

(ABOVE: Yup - I AM pregnant - 28 weeks)
(ABOVE: Jaden with Baby Addison - born August 31, 2008)
(ABOVE: Jaden and Jackson)
(ABOVE: The House BEFORE - notice the height BEFORE)
(ABOVE: The House today ... see the rectangular area in the middle - that is the size of Jaden's new room)
(ABOVE: The House - today - side view - look at the roof height difference from the back to the front - oh my!)

Well based on my post title I am scatter brained and all over the place ... well let's start shall we? Well tonight I am posting my 100th post ... WOW ... Whoo-Hoo ... Yippie! No - really though that is kind of fun right? I mean 'who' would have thought I had this much to say! Well pretty much anyone who knows me right? Well it is my 100th Post ... so to steal the Wise Words of London Tipton - "YAY ME!"
We had a great weekend too - Friday I was off with Jaden and we met up with Jolene for lunch at the Green Mill(yum - pizza) and had some girl time. Then Jaden and I spent some time outside since it was beautiful out and arrived home to a huge delivery of wood trusses on our front lawn ... Jaden's bedroom to be exact - only in pieces. It made the construction so much more 'real' to see the wood sitting there ... Saturday Jason, Jaden and I headed to the outlet mall for some shopping. We all needed new jeans so what better place to go than Albertville - it is a fun outdoor outlet mall with over 150 stores and it is so worth the 45 minute drive to save 40% at stores like Limited TOO and Tommy Hilfiger ... so we made our way north and spent 4 hours shopping. Jaden got lots of school shopping done, Jason found jeans he liked and some cologne and I found some clothes at Motherhood Maternity Outlet so we all scored! Saturday Night we met up at our neighbor Tammy's house because our 'old' neighbors Jamie, Sarah, Jackson and Baby Addison were visiting from Milwaukee for the weekend. It was great to see them - it had been abotu 6 months - Jaden loved Addison and enjoyed playing with Jackson. Jaden even held the baby - until she moved and Jaden promtly said "I'm Done". It was cute ... and our Sunday was spent doing laundry and cleaning - like usual!
That brings us up to speed on the weekend. Today as back to school and work ... after heading to work I knew the builders would be at the house putting the trusses up with a boom crane (Oh MY!) So all 3 of us were anxious to see what it looked like when we arrived home ... well I pulled into the driveway and my jaw was on the floor ... Jason was standing in the front yard smiling from ear to ear and alls I could say was 'IT IS TOO BIG' ... and he just said NO WAY it's awesome ... so you tell me ... what do you think of the house so far? I am in shock I think because it is so different and 'drastic' ... so I quickly changed the subject - went inside and made dinner and kept repeating to myself how worth it is! So give me your honest opinion on the house ... is it scary large? Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ... our week is boring as usual (which is nice!) Friday Jaden gets her flu shot - Saturday is the Baby Shower and Sunday is the usual laundry and cleaning ... and tomorrow is week 28! (Hopefully only 10 more to go ... based on baby size and blood pressure!) My Dr's appt is Wednesday - glucose test - wish me luck! Have a great week!
** And if you don't mind please stop by my friend Misty's site ... her husband Tim is in the military and he is set to be deployed (again) in 60 short days ... she could use some Blogger Love and Hugs ... Misty ... **
Love ~ The Clark Family ~ Rebekah, Jason, Jaden & Baby#2 too


Kelly said...

Cute picture of you! I haven't really taken any "belly shots" yet (I guess I need to get on that!). I do have some cool 3d/4d pics on my blog so check them out when you get a chance! I did my glucose test yesterday...finger's crossed it turned out okay! Good luck with yours! Have a great week.

Kelly said...

P.S. - Forgot to mention...I don't think it will look so big once it's done. You'll get used to it! It's just so different to you at this point.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks again for stopping by. Yes the pumpkin patch was a blast. I took 99 pics but couldnt share them all..I bet you are ready for this baby to be born huh?? GLUCOSE test,,,EEK!! I failed mine and had to take my sugars 3 times a day and change my meals and eating habits. I learned you dont need milk or fruit as a pregnant woman, who knew!!! Take care...Love, Marci

Kristen said...

You look so cute and the house looks great, I think it will take you some time to get used to it, but you will eventually love it. Best of luck on your glucose test!

Becca said...

I don't think it looks too big! Your belly, or the house?? (Oh, my - I am so mean, aren't I?) Your house will be fantastic and you are as cute as a bug!

Peace and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

awwww... rebekah thank you so much for mentioning me in your post!!!! and the house looks great and you look fabulous!!!! I am getting more and more excited for your new addition every day. thanks for the kind words about tim. oh and bryson had his foot stomped on during a game and the dr thought it was fractured but he is walking on it and everything after 1 week off of it hes good as new we went to the poditrist (sp) and she says it looks good. I have been working a lot so sorry i havent responded sooner. see ya at the coffee shop lolll